Interior finishing of balconies and loggias: design by own hands

Even with a solid area in the house or apartment, do not pay attention to the balcony and the loggia will not work: it's too good to rest in this small area. In winter, you can enjoy the sun's rays, and in the summer - you can enjoy the breeze and coolness. Therefore, finishing the balcony inside, design development is an important task. The place should be cozy and comfortable, but also functional. To combine such different requirements in a very small area is not easy. There are several key points that will help you cope with these tasks yourself. They will be discussed further on. 

Of course, balconies and loggias are constructive. This is reflected in the insulation features and the installation of glazing, but the design and finish are identical, as well as the possible use of available areas. Therefore, the article will deal with the design of both types.

Loggia with panoramic glazing - nothing prevents to enjoy the scenery

Loggia with panoramic glazing - nothing prevents to enjoy the scenery

Types of glazing

The design of a balcony or loggia is preceded by a repair. And the main repair on these structures - glazing and, if so decided, warming. Glazing of balconies and loggias is conditionally divided into two groups: cold and warm. Cold protects against the penetration of dust and precipitation, can significantly delay the wind, but strongly affect the temperature can not. Warm glazing to all specified set of properties adds sound insulation and temperature increase.

The cost of warm glazing is much higher, but also the functions that, after such modernization, the room can be much wider. How can a cold balcony be used? For storage of some things, and even in the summer - to sit, relax, in winter you can - just jump out for a couple of minutes. On the warmed balcony or loggia suit and working classrooms and bedrooms, someone brings there dining area from a small kitchen. The decision is certainly yours, but to orient yourself in the topic it was easier, briefly list the main ways of glazing, their advantages and disadvantages.

Cold glazing

Any of the methods in this category will cost significantly less than the warm one, but the level of comfort and functionality of the premises remain rather low. The methods are as follows: