How to make a shower with a tile tray

Small bathrooms often make showers. She is popular in bathhouses and in cottages, put them instead of the bathroom in apartments and houses, do in addition - who like. But plastic cabins like not everyone: too flimsy. Shower cabin with their own hands, although it requires more time, but more reliable. 

If you look from the outside, then there is not much difference

If you look from the outside, then there is not much difference

If you want to make a shower for yourself in order to save money, first count well. You will need a good waterproofing, and most likely - for swimming pools. Just need a good sink, which will need to raise the floor, and this is a decent amount of solution with plasticizers, which increase water repellent. For finishing, you need a good floor tile with a non-slip surface or mosaic, and glue (water repellent). It would also be nice to make a floor heating - it's very unpleasant to stand on the concrete floor in winter. Still need to be doors, although you can get by and shutter. Already the amount is considerable. There are cheaper options - simple shower corners. 

If you also need to build walls, even from drywall, then the economy will not be exact. Many people say that the shower does not cost less by themselves, and this is at least. But what is good - you can make it exactly the way you like, as large as you want (or how it works). Inexpensive self-powered shower enclosure is only possible if there is a ready-made room, which is simply fenced off with a door or curtain, but the costs of the drain and floor device do not go anywhere.

Ways of organizing a drain in the shower

Despite the appearance is almost the same appearance - the walls and the floor in the tile, some doors, self-made shower cabins have many options for the internal device. There really is something to choose from.

Types of pallets

The simplest and most reliable option is to make a waterproof floor in the shower cubicle - put the ready pallet. It can be installed on bricks or make a base of foam blocks. By "finished pallet" is meant two types: acrylic and enameled. Acrylic is light and non-slip, but eventually turns yellow. Enameled - not bad in operation, but in a wet state slippery: you have to put a rubber mat. Plus acrylic is that it's not as cold as it feels.

If both options are not like, make a pallet of brick or solid concrete, which is then tiled - ordinary, for the floor, or mosaic. This is a capital decision, but difficult to implement. If you decide to make a shower tray of tiles, but live in a block of flats, you will need a very good multi-layer waterproofing: to avoid problems with neighbors from the bottom and side. This does not mean that in a private house the shower cabin with its own hands is made without waterproofing. Simply if you "nakosyachite" suffer you will.

Half-finished shower tray made of bricks

Half-finished shower tray made of bricks

There is another option - in between. Brewed from metal "trough" of suitable dimensions, it is well processed with anti-corrosive materials. Installed on the podium of brick or foam blocks (draining is also needed), if necessary, bricked outside, forming a border or step. From inside, paste a mosaic.

Of these options are usually chosen. There is also a device without a visible pallet, and the sink can be made into the wall, but then in the entire bathroom it is necessary to raise the floor level and mold the slope towards the drain.

Now about the sizes of shower cabins and pallets in particular:

  • 80 * 80 cm - this is very small, it is difficult to bend even to a slender man, constantly touching the walls;
  • 90 * 90 cm - somewhat better, but still cramped;
  • 100 cm and more - it's okay to feel, without special problems you can sit down.

If you want comfort - do at least a meter gap from the wall to the wall, but if the dimensions are very limited, try to still leave at least 90 cm.

Organization of plums

Next you need to choose how the drain will be arranged. There are two devices: a siphon and a ladder. The trap is more expensive, but it is usually smaller in height and more reliable. Its safety factor is enough for a decent time and it can be poured into concrete, which is usually done.

Installation of the ladder

Installation of the ladder

The siphon is cheaper, but when you install a pallet, you will have to consider the possibility of replacing it. Just padding it - not a good idea, since if there is a question with the repair, to get to it you have to work with a puncher. The results you represent. Therefore, when using a siphon, leave the inspection passage, which is closed with a hatch or a small door.

How to make a inspection hatch

Shower cabin with own hands: how to make a inspection hatch

In any case, the drain must be serviced. This means that the top part - the grid can be removed and cleaned the pipe with a cable. And that it was possible, lay the drain pipe so that the maximum turning angle to the sewage system was 45 °, but it's better not to do more than 30 °.

Now about the deviations. To ensure that the water in the pipes does not stagnate, the pipe from the gangway to the sewer is laid with a slope of at least 4-5%. This means that for one meter of length, the difference in height is 4-5 cm. A similar slant should have a floor: water must flow to the drainage site.

How to make a shower tray

It's about how to do it yourself, with your own hands the floor in the shower. The height of the floor inside the shower is far from arbitrary. It depends on how the drain is made in the shower, how high the ladder or siphon is exposed. And he, in turn, is put with such a condition to form the necessary bias. That is, the lower you have the entrance to the sewer, the less it will be necessary to pick up the ladder and the floor.

Layout of the drain ladder

Layout of the drain ladder

That is, before starting the work will have to put the ladder. A cup - for sure. But wrap it well and close it, plug the sink with a crumpled newspaper or a rag so that nothing gets into the inside while you work. Keep a decorative grille near your hand so that you can try it on time.

How to install one of the options ladder - linear - look in the video. Maybe the model will be different, but the general principles will remain the same.

Of brick

At the device of a brick shower tray, the floor must be at least relatively flat. If there are already very large differences, align them well in advance (make a rough screed). The drainage device is set up, it is connected to the sewage system, and then in the following steps:

  • Lining base waterproofing. In the simplest version - bitumen, but many scares the smell. You can smear with liquid glass, hydrophobic impregnation on the basis of cement, waterproofing for swimming pools. What you will find or what you like more by properties, then use. The best option, of course, is the composition for swimming pools. These compounds are designed for high water pressure, therefore reliable. Slightly worse in such conditions - impregnation on the basis of concrete, but the absorbency of moisture is reduced at times. They often miss it two or three times: to be sure that they did not miss anything.

    Three times smeared with bitumen mastic

    Three times smeared with bitumen mastic

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