Golden Bathroom – luxury and extraordinary design

Golden Bathroom - luxury and extraordinary design

Psychological influence

Since ancient times gold was considered a jewel and its availability spoke of wealth and prosperity. Psychologists claim that the golden color, expresses a sense of warmth, the shine of sunlight, wisdom and glory. In our subconsciousness, the perception of this color is laid as a symbol of the abundance of the universe. Therefore, despite the fact that there are more precious metals, gold is still a welcome luxury.

Original gold bathroom with scales

In the times of antiquity and in the era of revival, the golden color was very popular in the design and creation of the interior. And in our time it has not lost its appeal, so designers often use it in their work.

The bathroom is gold

In the design of bathrooms it is used quite rarely, but in a skillful hands a golden bath can become a wonderful and magical place for relaxation and relaxation. What could a little learn about the design of such a bathroom, we turn to the rules of decor and the advice of designers.

golden interior in the bathroom

Golden mosaic in the bathroom

Gold in the bathroom

Decorating rules

Decor in gold is the choice for people who love sophistication.

Designers advise:

  • Use this color in spacious light bathrooms. A large amount of light allows you to reveal your brilliance and beauty to gold;
  • it is desirable that the main background of the room is bright;
  • perhaps the most important rule is a "sense of proportion";
  • so that the bathroom does not look pompous and tasteless, designers suggest using the rule of harmony in handling it.
  • The combination of gold parts and the main background should not exceed the ratio 3: 1;
  • unity of style, must be observed everywhere and always.

Gold finish in a large bathroom

Gold finish in a bright bathroom

Bathroom design with gold

Bathroom decoration with gold

Golden Bathroom

Black and gold mosaic for the bathroom

For a bathroom in the style of minimalism and hi-tech gold colors and details are used very rarely. In other cases, its nobility combined with modern materials is an excellent solution for the design of the bathroom. Gold requires special attention to itself, and to the finishing of the main background.

Pastel and light colors are very well combined with gold, as they perfectly emphasize its radiance, which creates a sense of increasing space. It is important that there are not too many gold parts.

Gold accessories in the bathroom


Surprisingly, golden baths do exist. Usually they are made to order, and they are suitable for large bathrooms. In the modern bathroom, a white bath with gold elements, for example, with mixers and gold color finish, perfectly fits.

Golden bath

Bath with gold mosaic

Bath in gold

Tiles and accessories

If you want such a bathroom, the perfect solution can be a tile finish for gold. Most often the tile of this color is used only partially. It can be a finish near the mirror, a tiled border or an elegant addition to a combination of other colors. Effectively looks in the bathroom one wall, lined with tiles of gold color.

Golden tile border

Professional designers often use vertical or horizontal strips of tiles to visually divide the room into zones. Golden small tiles look great in the form of patterns, small mosaics and ornaments.

It is recommended to combine golden tiles with accessories and additions of the same color, for example, curtains with a similar finish, a mirror frame, mixers, hangers, handles, cups and various other small things.

Gold pattern on the tile

Strips of gold in the bathroom

gold accessories in the bathroom

Horizontal golden tiles

Gold in a white bath

Combination with other shades

Ideal colors for combination - light, pastel. Soft, light, tones allow the gold to shine and reflect its sunny, warm energy.

Gold color is also combined with chocolate and terracotta flowers. Very mysterious and exquisite combination of black and gold. However, this design is suitable only for spacious rooms.

For combinations with gold accessories and trim, cherry, purple, emerald and turquoise colors are well suited. With such a color, the bright glossy ceiling will look great, the walls are combined with different colors and materials, furniture and floors of dark tones.

Pastel bath with gold

Yellow bathroom with gold

Combination of gold with chocolate color

Combination of gold with black color

In combination with red

Golden Walls in the Bathroom

Green Bathroom with Gold

Terracotta bathroom with malice

Blue bath with gold

Recommendations of designers

Designers advise:

  • be careful with gold color. The main thing is a sense of proportion in everything;
  • it is very important to see the whole picture in the bathroom. Much depends on the amount of space, on the number, type of lighting and the general atmosphere;
  • with a general dark background, there should not be a lot of gold. If there are many, then it is necessary that the room has the appropriate colors;
  • accessories and decor is worth choosing, thinking in advance of their combination with the design in general.

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