Green Bathroom – Spring at Your Home

Green Bathroom - Spring at Your Home

Green color is well suited for use in the interior of the bathroom. It is the green shades that cause associations with the spring or summer, the coolness of the morning and the green of the leaves, their combination will give the bathroom a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. This room will always look fresh, even if it's cold in the street.

Effect of color on a person

The bathroom is most often associated with a place where you can relax, take a bath and relax after a hard day's work. Therefore, to create a suitable atmosphere suitable calm tones, for example, green in all the diversity of its shades.

Green is considered a symbol of natural energy and positive emotions. Being in a room where in the interior there are different shades of green, a person relaxes and calms down. This color affects the nervous system very positively and even helps to relieve stress.

Light green bathroom

Variety of shades

We are accustomed to using the word "green" for many shades of this color, which in nature there are a lot of - it's marsh, and lime, olive, emerald, khaki and many others, this list can last a very long time.

Such a large number of different tones will allow you to combine several shades to create exactly the interior that you want.

Moreover, do not dwell on one shade, choose a few, and they will all perfectly match not only with each other, but with other colors, giving the bathroom a harmonious and fresh look.

Green bathroom with patterns

Combination of green with other colors

The classic combination, which is often found in the interior, is a combination of green and white tones. This option is perfect for a bathroom, especially if you plan to install sanitary ware and white furniture. The color of the ceiling and the floor in this case, too, should be left white.

Green bathroom in combination with white

If the walls are made in white, contrasting green inserts will look beautiful.

White bathroom with a green insert

But it is not necessary to use only white color, you can choose other combinations. For example, with silvery, sandy, dark brown, purple and other shades.

Green-purple bathroom

Black color also finds application in the design of the green bathroom. It should be a little bit. The combination of black (and other dark colors) and green colors is advised to be used only in a spacious bathroom.

Olive room with black

In general, this color adapts well to different colors, so the interior in green shades can look like it is executed in a warm or cold version, depending on what color the combination will be made with. Due to such characteristics, this color can be used in completely different design options.

Green and white bathroom

If all the walls are completely made in green, use plumbing and furniture of light colors: so you can dilute the green color and add contrasting accents. It will be interesting to look at a design in which all the walls are green, and one is white or vice versa.

Green walls in the bathroom and white plumbing

Suitable styles

To the bathroom did not look just a room with a set of furniture and accessories in green tones, it is worth considering the main idea or plan from which you will build off during the repair. While using green as the main one, you can create different styles depending on your preferences and fantasy.

If you are close eastern themes, try using jade, olive and emerald shades. In combination with yellow or gold color, you can create a kind of luxury and wealth, so common in the eastern countries. Accessories, decorated with stones and rhinestones or made for gold or bronze, perfectly complement the chosen stylistic direction.

Turquoise bathroom with green

Olive Bathroom

Bright green bathroom

In addition, the green color is perfect for creating atmosphere of the tropics. In this case, use combinations of green with different shades of light yellow. To give a complete look to this style will help with rattan accessories, wicker basket for linen and tropical plants in pots. Entering the bathroom you will each time dive into the tropical world, reminiscent of summer.

For lovers of antiques, vintage style, which disposes to solitude, comfort and memories. Here, any shades of green color will be appropriate, and the interior can be supplemented with patterned furniture with carved legs, wrought-iron lamps or candelabra that can be purchased in special shops.

Green with yellow bathroom

Green with yellow bathroom floral decoration

Bathroom - green tropics

Spring and sea mood

Gentle green color reminds of early spring and raises the mood. Vegetative motifs emphasize the spring notes in the bathroom.

Create an atmosphere romantic journey to the sea in a bathroom it is very easy, thus it will always cause only pleasant emotions and memoirs on an unforgettable rest.

To create a marine style, you should choose the shades of the color of the sea wave, combine them with blue, green or blue.

Effectively it will look like turquoise, and the color of the sea wave, which can be supplemented with accessories, for example, seashells, placing them on the shelf near the mirror or along the edges of the bathtub, a round mirror decorated as a porthole or helm or paintings with a view of the sea and fish.

Turquoise Bathroom

Green and turquoise bathroom

Bathroom in a marine style blue green

Sanitary engineering

If there is a lot of green in the bathroom, you should choose a white sanitary technician, which is best combined with green shades, without distracting yourself. In general, white plumbing is often found in our country, and you will not need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable option, as it can be when choosing a plumbing that is unusual and less common in color.

When choosing a shower, it is best to choose a glass and transparent. This option, in contrast to the shower with frosted glass, best fits into the interior of the green color.

Green bathroom with glass shower

But if you want unusual solutions, try using green plumbing, and it is not necessary that this color exactly repeats the one in which the walls are painted, you can pick up some other shade. For example, the original look will be a green bath. In this case, it can be made the central object of the room, attracting attention.

Room decoration

For walls, you can choose a tile of solid color, and a mosaic that gives the room a flicker effect, but it's a little harder to lay it down. In addition to tiles, you can use wall panels, vinyl wallpaper, or even a combination of different materials.

It is not necessary to paint all the walls in one tone, you can make only one green wall, and the rest paint in white or other neutral shade. This solution will give the room a very original and fresh look.

Green-brown bathroom with tiles

The floor can be laid out with tiles, glossy or matt, or, for example, use heat-treated boards that will withstand the increased humidity in the bathroom. It is possible to use both a one-color design, and with bright elements, for example, juicy bright green color.

The ceiling can be painted with paint or use a tile specifically for the ceiling. In addition, no worse suited and stretch ceiling, which is not only able to last a long time, but also protect you from flooding in the event that neighbors from the top forgot to turn off the water.

Green bathroom with stretch ceilings

Try to keep the walls darker than the floor and ceiling. It is best to paint the ceiling in the lightest tone. This is important, especially if the bathroom is small in size, as a darker-colored ceiling coating will visually pressure the person.

Green bathroom with light-colored floors


To green shades did not look distorted when the light is on, it is worthwhile to choose the lighting that is as close as possible to the natural one. For this purpose, the installation of small spotlights on the ceiling, and near the sink can accommodate an additional sconce, which will be used if necessary.

Try to choose those lamps that will match the chosen style in the interior and its color solution. For example, the design of a plafond can be similar to a pattern on a ceramic tile. But, if the room is already overloaded with decor and various shades, it's worth using more inconspicuous fixtures.

Green bathroom with lighting

Depending on what shades prevail in the interior, warm or cold, you can choose the appropriate color of lighting, which, depending on the type of bulbs, can be neutral, cold or warm.


Do not overload the bathroom with extra items of interior, which will not only take up a lot of free space, but also create an effect of confusion and chaos in the room.

It is enough to make a list of the most necessary items, for example, a cabinet or several shelves for cosmetic products, towel dryers, laundry baskets and clothes hangers. As the designers emphasize, this list is the basic set of furniture for the bathroom.

Green with black bathroom

Effectively looks green furniture on a light background. It brings freshness to the interior and makes it special.

Green Bathroom Furniture

If the size of the room allows, do not be afraid to experiment with unusual things, such as a cozy armchair, a shelf with books and even an old chandelier. All these things will only give the room a stylish and memorable look.


Green color is very versatile and it is possible to create a fashionable bathroom in green tones even if neutral colors were used for painting. In this case, the accessories will come to the aid in green shades, such as curtains, towels, rugs, glasses for toothbrushes and so on. With a rich selection of options offered in stores, it is not so difficult to do this.

If on the contrary, the bathroom is already dominated by a lot of green, then when choosing accessories, it is not necessary to buy towels, rugs and other interior details only green shades. You can use those colors that will work well with green.

Any flowers will decorate and refresh the interior. Try to put the vase on the floor with a bouquet or a small size at the sink, or even install a shelf with potted plants in pots. All plants are usually green, and they will fit organically into the eco-interior.

Do not forget about the mirror, which can be selected in the tone of the main shade in the bathroom or in a frame of another color, which will emphasize the chosen style.

Green bathroom with yellow towels

Green bathroom with fresh flowers

Green bathroom with yellow decor


If you decide to make a bathroom in green tones, it's worth using caution with accessories and jewelry made of metal. Their large number may not look very appropriate and destroy the freshness of the green shades.

To visually increase the room, the green color should be combined with light colors, and it's best to forget about the dark colors that can narrow the already small space.

Green bathroom with metal accessories

Too dark marsh colors, especially in large quantities, can be perceived as a manifestation of fungus or mold, and generally produce a negative and oppressive impression. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully approach such shades.

To make the bathroom unusual, you can use this option - make inserts of bright and juicy green color on the walls, and above the sink or bathroom place a shelf of the same color.

Dark green bathroom

If the floor you have a light, effective solution will be a green mat on the floor in the tone of the walls.

Green mat in the bathroom

Let your bathroom be the place where you can relax and recharge with positive energy.

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Successful experiments!

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