How to remove old grout from tile joints?

How to remove old grout from tile joints?

Apartment renovation often turns into an endless struggle for people, during which a lot of effort, financial resources, and most importantly - time is spent. Therefore, many prefer to update the look of their apartment with cosmetic repairs. The most demanding room is a bathroom, as even a qualitatively made repair quickly loses its original shine under the influence of moisture. Almost all people try to finish the bathroom with tiles, because this material can withstand the negative effects of moisture for many years. The appearance of even expensive tiles can spoil the grout, which eventually darkens, turns black, it creates chips and cracks. Therefore, the question of replacing the grout is relevant for many owners.

Old grouting between tile seams on the walls in the bathroom

Replacement of grout is most often necessary for the following reasons:

  • when applied, the material does not fill the entire depth of the joints. As a result, air spaces are formed, which destroy the grout;
  • use of the wrong type of grout: for the bathroom, you must choose a moisture-repellent and moisture-resistant grout, because it is due to water penetration and material is destroyed;
  • use of aggressive cleaners: when washing tiles in the bathroom, sometimes, strong chemicals are used, which destroy not only dirt, but also grout, and also erase the outer covering of the tile. Therefore, in order to prevent negative effects on the tiles and seams, you need to more carefully choose cleaning agents. The main thing to remember - expensive - is not always the best.

New trowel for brown and white ceramic tiles in the bathroom

When is the grout removed?

After two or three years of fresh repair, the grouting, if the work was done poorly, begins to darken, to the point that it acquires a practically black shade. This happens due to the fact that in the grout formed microcracks, and sometimes large cracks, which gets moisture. Under the influence of moisture begins to form a mold that looks like black spots. Do not wait for the appearance of mold, because if you do not take measures to remove it in time, the process of tile destruction will begin. The moment you noticed that the grout between the tiles had lost its integrity, or changed its shade a little: it started to turn black, it's worthwhile to think about replacing the grout so that the negative consequences do not come.

Mold on the walls and interlacing grout in the bathroom

In spite of the fact that it is very easy to remove the grout, there are often problems: if the method is chosen incorrectly, it is possible to destroy the tile, the replacement of which can cost a round sum. Therefore, use only proven methods for removing grout from tile joints.

Preparatory work

Before starting any construction and repair work, you need to pay attention to protecting your health. During repair, the human body is exposed to a lot of dust, exposure to the skin of various materials, many of which cause irritation or an allergic reaction, and small fragments can damage the eyes or other parts of the face. Therefore, before starting work, it is worth buying gloves, a respirator, as well as special glasses. Completely secure yourself from the negative impact, you can start work.

Rubber gloves, respirator and goggles for repair work in the bathroom

Mechanical methods of removing grout

Drill with a drill

Before beginning the removal of the grout in this way, all seams must be treated with a special solution of vinegar and water (one to two). It is more convenient to apply the solution with a soft cloth or a conventional dishwashing sponge, after which it is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes until the solution is absorbed into the grout.

Cleaning the grout with a solution of vinegar and water

Prepare a drill: the drill must be a diameter with a width of the seam, so as not to damage the edges of the tile. In addition, it is necessary to use the tool only at low speeds and firmly pressing the drill to the seam, so that during work it does not fly off and damage the appearance of the tile.

Removing the old grout with a drill

If the farm does not have a drill, then you can use any metal object, which you can hook on a part of the grout. There are only two requirements for tool selection: it should be less sharp (thin), and also oblong form. Removal occurs by translational movements up and down.

Removing the old grout using a screwdriver

Also, similar work can be done with the help of a Bulgarian. Naturally, the diameter of the disk, zholzhen match the intertice seam.

Removing the old grout with a Bulgarian

After removing all the main parts of the grout, the seams should be cleaned of the rest of the material, preferably using cotton swabs or special blowers, after which the surface is ready for applying a new grout.

Putty knife

To remove the grout mechanically, an ordinary metal spatula is also suitable, which is sold in any construction shop. Its structure makes it easy to remove the old grout and not damage the appearance of the tile, but provided that the surface has been sufficiently treated with the above solution.

Removing the old grout with a spatula

Chemical methods of removal of grout

If mechanical methods no longer help, or you do not have the desire or time to manually remove the remnants of the material, then you can use chemicals, both proven "popular" and modern. When using chemicals, you need to be careful, because The possible chemical effect on the tile can spoil its appearance. In addition, the above measures to protect their health are mandatory in this case.

Softening of the old grout between the tiles with the help of chemicals

A solution of citric acid

To prepare this solution, you must mix citric acid and water, and then allow time to stand. After this, by applying a sponge or a rag to the rest of the grout, you can easily remove all unnecessary particles. To use this method it is necessary to obtain a solution of high concentration, in addition, you can not do without using a spatula or knife, which will need to remove the bulk of the grout.

A solution of citric acid to soften the old grout between the tiles

Modern chemical agents

Valo Clean - helps to soften the hardened grout. After using this remedy, the residues of the substance must be removed mechanically.

Litostrip - also promotes softening of the grout. In the event that any solid particles remain after the initial treatment, it is necessary to repeat the procedure in a similar way.

Valo Clean to soften the old trowel between tiles

Litostrip for softening the old trowel between tiles

In addition, there is a large number of chemicals that are specifically designed for a separate type of grouting. In most cases, they go under the same brand with a grout. Such tools are most effective for removing the old grout.

Seam update

When replacement of the grout is not required, you can use the seam upgrade. With the correct use of this method, the grout must acquire its original shade, and also restore its integrity and strength. To renew the seam, you need to purchase special chemicals that are sold in almost every construction shop. Among them are: Edding 8200, PUFAS FRISCHE FUGE, LITOCLEAN, which are produced in white and gray tones, but with them you can use colors.

Updating the old grout between the tiles

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