Bath sizes: standard and optimal

Bath sizes: standard and optimal

In most standard apartments, the bathroom is relatively small in size. For this reason, every centimeter of free space should be used with maximum benefit. In a huge variety of different baths is difficult to understand, because they all differ in size, materials used and design.

How to choose the most suitable bath?

The main indicator that directly influences the choice of a bath is its size. It should be noted that in addition to the bath, in a small room can be installed wash basin and other interior items.

It is also necessary to ensure free and comfortable movement around the room.


The most optimal in size will be the bath in which you can safely take the position of reclining. It is important to leave the opportunity to stretch your legs, and the water level should be above the knees. Choosing the width, you must first take into account your complexion and additionally leave 5 cm from all sides. The following figure shows the change in the posture depending on the size of the bath.

Comfortable poses in the bath


Most baths have a depth of 50 to 60 cm. This height is the most acceptable since in the supine position the head will always be located above the water level, and it will not be difficult to get out of the bath. When choosing a large-sized bath it is worth considering that the water set will take considerable time.

Standard baths can be small, medium and large.


Small size:

  • 120x70 cm - will help to keep free space, however in this model it will not be possible to take a reclining position;
  • 130x70 cm - the most popular model among small size bathtubs, most often made to order.


The average size:

  • 140x70 cm - a bath with this size is used for premises with non-standard planning;
  • 150x70 cm - very comfortable model, realized in different forms.


Big size:

  • 170x70 cm - suitable for rooms with modern layout;
  • 185x85 cm - the most convenient model, which should be used only in spacious rooms.

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In the following figure you can see the most popular sizes of bathtubs.

Dimensions of the bath

The dimensions of the Jacuzzi baths are generally the same as the size of the bathtub without this function.

Dimensions of baths of different materials

At present, the baths are made of different materials: cast iron, steel, acrylic and many others.


Cast iron baths are sold in various sizes. Dimensions range from 120x70 cm to 185x85 cm. A number of manufacturers make baths of cast iron on special orders. In this case, the dimensions can reach 200x100 cm. The dependence of the bath volume on its dimensions is presented in the following table (see the figure for the notation).

Dimensions of a cast iron bath

A B C D E F G H K Scope
1700 1530 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 182
1600 1430 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 170
1500 1330 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 161
1400 1230 560 420 400 350 285 100 70 144
1200 1050 550 390 370 330 260 75 60 117
1000 850 550 390 370 330 260 75 60 95


The most economical option would be a bath of steel. Such models have a relatively light weight - up to 30 kilograms. Also steel baths have thin walls, the thickness of which does not exceed 3 mm.

Its length ranges from 150 to 180 cm, the width varies in the range 70-85 cm, the height of this model is 65 cm. The standard dimensions of the steel bath are indicated in the table (see the figure for the designations).

Dimensions of steel baths

L L1 L2 H S
120 1200 550 1060 380 700
140 1400 550 1250 400 700
150 1495 695 1322 400 710
160 1595 770 1422 400 710
170 1695 840 1522 400 710


Acrylic baths are sold on the market recently, but have already attracted the attention of numerous buyers with their positive sides. Such baths have a high index of heat resistance and are installed indoors without any problems. The standard dimensions of the acrylic bath are shown in the following figure.

Dimensions of aryl baths


Quarried baths stand out among other models of high strength. In addition, this kind of differs a special surface, which for a long time remains clean. Such baths have dimensions similar to those of acrylic.

Dimensions of bathtubs of different shapes

Especially popular baths are non-standard forms. The market includes round, triangular and other models. Thanks to numerous design solutions such designs become exclusive.

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The most convenient design is triangular baths, which significantly save space. The optimal depth of this model is in the range of 48-65 cm. The length of the sides is 150-180 cm. The volume of the triangular model can reach 400 liters.

The models executed in the form of a circle reach sizes from 140 to 200 cm in diameter. However, often this type of bath is made to order and has non-standard dimensions.

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Round bath

Non-standard shaped bathtub

Bathtub of non-standard square shape

Vertical baths are also common on the market. Such models are most suitable for those who do not have the physical ability to take a bath in a lying position. Most of the vertical models are made to order. The height of such structures reaches a mark of 2 m, and the width depends on the man's constitution and, as a rule, does not exceed 1 m.

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New items

Recently, many manufacturers are trying to attract attention to their products with the help of unusual baths.

For example, wooden models made of a single piece of oak have become very popular. The size of such unusual models is completely individual, since they are performed exclusively on orders of customers. Oak baths quickly gained popularity, as the material has healing properties, and the bath itself gives the interior a unique style.

Oak wooden bath

Among the original models there are also baths in the form of a large sink or bowls made of colored glass. No less interesting look models with illumination. A huge range allows you to choose a model for the most demanding taste.

Bath with illumination

For many people, the bathroom is a special source of pleasure and cheerfulness. Modern conditions contribute to the creation of maximum comfort even in small rooms. Successfully selected model will help create a harmonious environment, while not devoid of functionality and convenient features.

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