Baths for two – the unity of feelings

Baths for two - the unity of feelings

What could be more pleasant than a cozy evening after a hard day's work, spent in the warm water and silence of the bathroom? But how to spend an evening in the company of a loved one? Modern interior ideas allow you to combine a pleasant bathing procedure and communication with a loved one, for in such a case the designers have developed and implemented the idea - baths for two.

If the first thing that comes to your mind is huge baths the size of a swimming pool, then this article is definitely for you. For today it is possible to get a double bath in view of the small size of a bathroom. But more about everything.

bath for two

Forms and sizes

We are all accustomed to the standards that a bath can only be rectangular. Well, as a maximum, in the shape of an ellipse. But manufacturers now offer such an abundance of different forms that an unprepared consumer will have obvious difficulties of choice. Of course, it will be most comfortable to take procedures in a large bath. It is rather difficult to tell all possible variations, but the most common ideas for bathing for two people are worth to be covered.

bath for two people

So, double baths can be of the following forms:


If the size of your bathroom allows, then this option will be very good. In a normal bath, the width is a maximum of 80 cm, the bath for two will not be less than 1 m. On average, their width can reach up to 1.5 m.

A small bathroom can accommodate such beauty, but here's the place to go is obviously not enough and you'll just grab everything that comes to hand. If you consider that the floor and walls may be wet, there is a risk of injury. The standard dimensions of the two-seater rectangular bathtubs are 190x120 cm, therefore, the bathroom size of 6 square meters will be clearly cramped.

Rectangular bathtub

Large bath for two

Oval bath for two


This option is more advantageous. Corner baths allow you to save space, plus, they have a comfortable fit. Even with the small size of the bathroom, you can be sure that the corner bathtub is likely to look everywhere. The only "but" is that it can only take a sitting position. However, for two it is not such a big drawback, especially since such baths have very comfortable handrails on the sides.

Bath for two angular

2 in 1"

Not quite the usual option, combining the two bowls immediately. The mixer and drain holes are in the middle of the bath, as if combining two bowls at once with the help of a constriction. In such a bath it is very convenient to take water procedures, and it takes not so much space in comparison with a rectangular one. Bortics in it are equipped with handrails, and a comfortable back is provided on the seat.

Baths with two bowls


As a rule, they are equipped with a hydromassage system and have streamlined shapes and flowing lines. Some manufacturers supplement the oval models with illumination, headrests and even a table.

Oval bath for two

Bath for two in an oval shape

Wooden bathtub


Manufacturers produce a variety of non-standard bath solutions, which have very bizarre shapes. It is unlikely that you will buy such a bath in an ordinary sanitary ware shop, because any non-standard form is usually made to order. The most interesting variants of such unusual solutions will be discussed below.

Bath for two non-standard shapes

Asymmetric bath for two

The most unusual forms

Manufacturers as soon as do not excel at creating baths for two, building in them hydromassage jets, handles, headrests. Some baths can even be arranged along the perimeter with all the necessary furniture. True, and the size of such baths are appropriate. The baths for two in the form of heart are very popular. Romantic, is not it? Surrounded by aromatic candles, flowers and with champagne glasses, there is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary or just to arrange an evening for two.

Bath in the shape of heart on the paws

If you want, that was, where to turn around, then pay attention to the Jacuzzi for two, equipped with hydromassage jets, a headrest, built-in heater, LED lights and a motor with a choice of speeds. And this in fact may not be the most complete list of available options!

There is a model of a bath for two with the name "Romeo and Juliet", where the drain holes and reservoirs are located so that the lovers are facing each other.

Finally, I want to mention a novelty, like the model "Yin and Yang." It is a bath consisting of two tanks separated by a partition between themselves. The advantages of this model is that everyone can adjust the water temperature for themselves and use foam.

Bath for two

Romantic bath for two


Bath for two with a stand under the glasses of wine

Bath with two bowls for two

Features of choice

Choose a double bath is much more difficult than single.

When choosing, pay attention to the following:

  • The size of the room.
  • Consider not only your preferences, but also the tastes of another person, yet you choose a bath for two, and not for one.
  • Relate the purchase of a bath for two with your financial capabilities. Taking this into account, decide already, but do you need additional head restraints, a hydro massage system, a special bottom coating? For each additional opportunity will have to pay extra.
  • You must understand that the adoption of water procedures together is not a way of saving water, but a joint pastime. By the way, with respect to water consumption it is difficult in principle to talk about saving money for a bathroom for two, since it has much more volumes.

Together in the bathtub

Create a romantic atmosphere

So, you planned an evening for two and decided to start it with joint water procedures in the bathroom. We need to prepare the territory to create a romantic atmosphere.

Create a romantic atmosphere

White towels

Strawberries and champagne

Candles in a foam bath

Candles on the floor

Bath for two with flowers

How to do it, we will understand step by step:

  • Do not start by adding decorations to the interior. All unnecessary to be excluded: no towels, curtains, hairbrushes, shower gels and other everyday items. If you have a small bathroom, then this will additionally play into your hands, you will immediately feel more room.
  • We need the perfect purity of all surfaces. There will be candles or not - it does not matter, after all it will be really nice when the lights play on the surfaces.
  • In a bright bathroom it is appropriate to place bright accents. For example, the petals of red roses, which look beautiful in the water or against the background of foam. You can add candles of red color or strawberries, because scarlet is the color of love and passion.
  • Quite without towels can not do, but it is better to take not everyday, but fluffy and white. They can be put next to the bathroom, decorated with petals.
  • You can add to the bath various aromatic liquids or oils. But you can not overdo it so that the smell is not sharp.
  • If an evening with champagne is planned, it is better to put it in an ice bucket, otherwise it will heat up quickly in the vicinity of hot water. For champagne and snacks, it is better to bring a separate small table.
  • Arrange the candles. Some can even be run on the surface of the water, and the remaining ones can be beautifully laid along the side of the bathtub. But this entails some inconvenience, because there will be a risk of offending something. It is better to put the candles on the floor or at some distance from the bath.
  • Sometimes you can add sea salt to the water or include some romantic composition.

Creative ideas and bath recipes

The guarantee of a pleasant evening in the privacy of the bathroom will be the implementation of some interesting idea.

Chocolate bath for two

Bath for two in a romantic atmosphere

Romantic date in the bath

Floating candles

Romance in the bathroom

Romantic evening

Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom

Bath for two with rose petals

The list of ideas for joint bathing is quite extensive, but you can bring some creative ideas:

  • Chocolate bath. Chocolate contains a hormone of joy, and the chocolate bath will not only please, but will also have a beneficial effect on the skin. Prepare it very simply, enough 200 g of cocoa powder without additives, dilute with a liter of hot water, stir until the cocoa is completely dissolved and add the mixture to the bath. Such an interesting procedure is perfectly complemented with champagne and strawberries in chocolate.
  • Floating hearts. Cut out small hearts from two-sided cardboard. They can write some warm words or confessions. Cardboard hearts must be laminated, for example, in a printing house. You can put some of the hearts on the surface of the water, and attach a part to the walls or a mirror.
  • Cruise. To create the illusion of sea water, add sea salt to the bath, coloring the water in a bluish color. Put relaxing music with the sounds of the sea, lay around the bath shells and pearls, in an artistic mess, sprinkle around a little sea salt and put a fluffy blue towel next to the bathroom. To recreate the marine odyssey, write on the paper a declaration of love and put it in a bottle that will float in the tub.
  • Massage with relaxing oils. Prepare bath foam, aromatic oils and scented candles. Smells should not be in dissonance with each other. To create a passionate and sensual environment, choose a lavender fragrance. You can supplement the picture with rose petals floating in the water. Oils will have a relaxing effect and have a beneficial effect on the skin.

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