Baths with essential oils: aroma-pleasure with benefit

Baths with essential oils: aroma-pleasure with benefit

Cosmetology and perfumery has long been using essential oils, because they have a wide range of positive effects. One of the most common and useful options for aromatherapy are baths, in which essential oils are added. They complexly affect the body, as aromatics during the procedures penetrate both through the skin and through the respiratory system.

Bath with aromatic oils


Baths with essential oils have many beneficial effects. Depending on the oil chosen, such a bath will help to relax or, conversely, restore vivacity. As a good cosmetic product, it will positively affect the skin condition, help to cope with cellulite, stretch marks and excess weight.

Hand bath with essential oils

Bath with essential oils

Foot Bath with Essential Oils

Some essential oils have anti-stress action, the addition of others helps fight wrinkles, the third - to cope with a cold.

The effect of the bath is also warming, and cooling, and even exciting. It's only in the combinations of essential oils used. Thanks to the sedative action of certain baths, such procedures help to eliminate insomnia and calm down. Lie in a bath with essential oils is also for muscle pain or fatigue, and to stimulate sexual function.

Aromavanna with essential oils

Harm, overdose

The harmful effects of baths with aromatic oils can be caused by an overdose of essential oils. If you add an excessive amount of drops, the procedure may result in the appearance of a headache or skin irritation.


The use of essential oils is not helpful to everyone. When pregnancy, take a bath with them should be carefully. Since some oils to pregnant women can damage (mint, geranium, jasmine, orange), it is better to avoid aromatherapy altogether. Do not advise to carry out such baths and nursing mothers.

Contraindications to taking baths with aromatic oils are:

  • oncological diseases;
  • angina pectoris;
  • IHD;
  • acute inflammation;
  • epilepsy;
  • some skin diseases;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • chronic liver or kidney disease;
  • varicosity;
  • thrombophlebitis.

Essential oil


Procedures can be conducted:

  • for the whole body;
  • locally in the form of sedentary baths;
  • Locally for feet;
  • locally for hands.

Bath with essential oils for hands

Bath with essential oils for the whole body

Bath with essential oils for feet

Often, aromatics are carried out by courses, for example, a recumbent bath is recommended to take a course of 10 to 20 times.

For sedentary baths, lower doses of essential oils are used - two to three drops. Such procedures are often curative, so they are performed with cystitis, for healing of postnatal sutures, with vaginal discharge or hemorrhoids.

Hand or foot baths with aroma oils are used in the absence of the possibility of carrying out full procedures, for example, with increased pressure or skin damage. The foot aromatic bath perfectly relax after a hard day. It is recommended to athletes, as well as help to reduce pain in the legs.

Thanks to the baths for the hands, you can also get rid of the pain and improve the mobility of the joints.

If you add lemon oil to the hand bath, you will bleach the skin on your hands and strengthen your nails.

Lemon bath oil

Description of the procedure

For a full bath (bath) with the addition of essential oils, it is necessary:

  1. Draw the water in the bath.
  2. For 200 liters of water, 15 drops are sufficient. Since the essential oil does not dissolve directly in water, it should be mixed in milk, kefir, vegetable oil, honey, alcohol, cream or mixed with sea salt before adding it to the bath. Such a solvent for essential oil is taken in an amount of 1-3 tablespoons. It mixes with aromatic oil.
  3. The resulting mixture is added to water and mixed.

The average duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. It is repeated every day or with a break (after 1-2 days).

Baths with aromatic oils - nice

To make a sedentary bath, 2-10 drops of aroma oils are added to warm water (about + 37 + 42 degrees), previously dissolved in cream. Then lower the body to the waist. The first procedure is carried out for 2 minutes, and then gradually extend the stay in water to 10 minutes.

To make a hand or foot bath, type in a container of hot water, to which add aromatic oil in an amount of 5-6 drops. Keep in the water with aroma-oil hands or feet for 10-20 minutes.

Hand tray with oils


When taking the procedures, observe the rules:

  1. The optimum concentration of aroma oil in the bath is 1 drop per 10 liters of water.
  2. Children and the elderly need to make a bath with a lower concentration (2-3 times).
  3. The first procedures are carried out with minimal dosages - for a 150-liter bath approximately 4-5 drops of essential oil. Gradually increasing the amount of added oil by 2-3 drops, bring to the dosage prescribed in the recipe. By the end of the course it is recommended to gradually reduce the concentration of essential oils (each procedure for 2-3 drops).
  4. If the bath is planned as relaxing, and also soothing, the water is heated to + 37 + 38 degrees.
  5. In order for the bath to have a tonic effect, it is best to leave the water a little cool (+ 30 + 34 degrees).
  6. Adaptogenic action of the bath is manifested at a temperature of + 32 + 34 degrees, and for an erotic bath it is recommended to heat water to + 36 + 38 degrees.
  7. The highest temperature of water is used for anti-cellulite baths (+ 38 + 40 degrees), and also after physical exertion (over +40 degrees).
  8. Take a bath with aromatic oils not immediately after a meal, and after 1.5-3 hours. Before the procedure, a hygienic shower is recommended and the body is completely cleansed of cosmetics and contaminants.
  9. Do not use during the procedures, such cosmetics as soap, shampoo or gel, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the bath.
  10. After the aroma is rinsed, it is not necessary that the essential oils continue to affect the skin, when the procedure itself is completed. Just pat the body with a towel or put on a robe. Do not activate after the procedure, better give the body a little more rest, drink tea.
  11. Use for the bath natural essential oils, because only they have a useful effect.

Synthetic analogues leave for the aromatization of clothing and premises. Natural oil you can find out at a high price and a dark bottle.

Bath with essential oils

Bath with essential oils

Bath with essential oils



If you physically worked or actively worked out in the gym, relax the tired body with a bath, in which combinations of mint oil with juniper oil, verbena oil with ginger oil, lemon balm oil and cinnamon oil are added. Take 1-2 drops of oil.

Another recipe for a bath that helps to relax before going to sleep includes milk-mixed (500 ml) sandalwood oil (two drops), mandarin and chamomile (four drops each).


Remove the physical tension after the sports training will help the bath of four drops of verbena oil, two drops of rosemary oil and two drops of aroma tea tree. Dissolve these oils in 1 tbsp. spoon of grape seed oil.

Relaxing bath with essential oils

Bath with essential oils to relax

Bath with essential oils for the whole body to relax


Some of the essential oils used in the fight against cellulite are citrus oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit), which are combined with the oils of coniferous plants (cedar, pine, spruce, fir and others).

Basic anti-cellulite baths:

  • For the anti-cellulite bath, pour into the water 100 ml of dry wine grapefruit, cypress and orange oil (two drops each), as well as juniper oil (1 drop).
  • Lemon bath with anti-cellulite treatment provides for the addition of lemon (3 drops), juniper (2 drops) and cypress (2 drops) oils.
  • An effective recipe for cellulite is a citrus bath: lemon aroma oil (take 3 drops) supplement with grapefruit, tangerine and orange oils (add each two drops). Add all the ingredients in the almond seed oil (1 tablespoon).
  • Two drops of orange oil (can be replaced with grapefruit oil), mix with two drops of aromatic oil of black pepper, as well as three drops of juniper oil.
  • Also effective are combinations of essential oils against cellulite, which are represented by mixtures of oils of lemon, juniper and fennel or geranium, rosemary and cypress. Take 2 or 3 drops of oil.
  • Make a bath based on sea salt. Take 100 g of salt and add to it a grapefruit oil (4 drops), vetiver oil, anise and mint (all in 1 drop).

Anti-cellulite baths - orange

Anti-cellulite baths - almond oil

Anti-cellulite bath - lemon


If you want to cheer up, get a charge of strength and energy, get rid of irritability and improve your tone, stop the choice on oils of citrus, rosemary, sage and verbena. For a tonic bath, only 3-4 drops of any of these oils are enough. Increases the efficiency and the bath with the addition of aroma tea tree.

Excitatory bath with essential oils


To adjust to a romantic mood, to increase sensuality and to give a pleasant scent to the skin before intimacy are capable of oils of neroli, sandalwood, jasmine, geranium, sage, juniper, myrrh, nutmeg, rose, cedar, ylang-ylang, patchouli. The main thing before preparing such an aroma, ask your partner's preferences, so that the smell is pleasant for both of you.

Erotic bath for two with essential oils

Erotic bath with essential oils - two

Bath with essential oils for romance


Essential oils can tighten the skin and have a rejuvenating effect. This effect is noted in incense, lotus, myrrh, jasmine, geranium, sandalwood and mimosa oil.

Rejuvenating baths with essential oils

For losing weight

Baths for weight loss with the addition of citrus oils, geraniums, coniferous plants well cleanse the skin, affect cellulite, help to remove excess weight. Do not forget to change the fragrances, so that the effect of losing weight is preserved, and the body is not accustomed. Dissolve in a bath salt (two to three tablespoons) one drop of lemon oil, two drops of cedar and cypress oil and three drops of juniper oil.

Vanilla, anise and lavender oils are noted for their ability to dull the feeling of hunger. Set up the metabolism will help mint and lemon oil, as well as oils of patchouli or tea tree. Adding the aromas of ylang-ylang, rose or rosemary to the water, you will improve the work of the internal organs. The removal of excess fluid will be promoted by a bath with cardamom, geranium, grapefruit or cypress oils.

Ylang-ylang, fennel and grapefruit oils have the ability to accelerate the processes of fission of fats.

If you add lemongrass, rosemary or black pepper oil to the water, in addition to stimulating weight loss, skin will also be pulled up.

Slimming bath with essential oils

From fatigue

Those who are annoyed and very tired, lie down in the bath with the addition of essential oils of geranium, rose, lavender or sandalwood. To prepare a bath with lavender, add to it 3-4 drops of this essential oil. In this bath you will regain strength and calm down, and after it it will be easier to fall asleep. Another good recipe for a bath from fatigue includes a mixture of eucalyptus, mandarin and cloves oils taken 2 drops each.

Bath with essential oils from fatigue

From depression

Oils of bergamot, basil, ylang-ylang, orange, sandalwood or mandarin well raise the mood and help to cope with depression.

Prepare one of these recipes:

1) For 4 drops of basil and lemon oil and two drops of rosemary oil - mix with 2 tbsp. l. bath salts.

2) Add to the evening bath 6-7 drops of aroma rose oil.

3) Try a bath with bergamot and grapefruit oils, taking them 4 drops each.

Bath with essential oils from depression

From insomnia

Eliminate the problems with sleep capable baths, which were added such mixtures of essential oils:

  • Chamomile oils (4 k.), Neroli (2 k.) And sage (4 k.).
  • Two or three drops of spruce and mint oil, as well as lavender and mandarin.
  • The oils of lavender (4 k.), Mimosa (2 k.) And chamomile (3 k.).
  • Two drops of melissa and rose oil, as well as valerian, mimosa, dill and lavender.
  • Five drops of lavender oil and the aroma of alpine spruce.
  • Oils of lemon (3 к.), Rosemary (5 к.) And anise (2 к.).
  • Dissolved in 100 ml of red wine is the aroma oil of Leuzea (3 k.), Sandalwood (3 k.) And orange (1 k.).
  • Added in 1 tsp. almond oil camomile (5 c.) and lavender (10 c.) oil.
  • Three drops of lavender and marjoram oil.

Bath fatigue with essential oils

With oils

With lavender oil

As you noticed from the aroma recipes helping with difficulties with falling asleep and restless sleep, lavender oil has a calming effect and a beneficial effect on sleep. Bath with such essential oil helps to eliminate fatigue, gain strength, provide deep sleep and is recommended for nervous overloads. Lavender oil can be combined with pink, sandalwood and incense. The use of foot aromatic with lavender oil will eliminate the problem of sweating and unpleasant odor of the feet.

Lavender oil


Lavender and oil

With orange

This oil, like other aromatic oils from citrus, should be used when you want to cheer up. Also, orange oil is recommended for those who want to get rid of the manifestations of cellulite. Just be careful with the dosage and always dissolve the orange oil in the base (sea salt, milk and other), since with an excess of such essential oil there is a risk of skin irritation.

Orange oil, anti-cellulite


Orange oil

With tea tree oil

This essential oil is a good antiseptic, resists to viruses and fungi, reduces pain, stimulates immunity, relieves edema and heals the skin. His positive influence on the nervous system, hair, mental activity was also noted.

When you feel that you are about to get sick, make an aroma with this oil, adding 5-7 drops to the water, first stirring them in milk. After lying in water for 10 minutes, rub the body with a towel. A similar bath is also recommended for skin problems, for example, with eczema or dermatitis.

Tea tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree

Tea tree oil can be used for a sedentary bath with hemorrhoids. Stir ten drops of butter in a cream (3 tablespoons), and then pour into 10 liters of water. The foot bath with this aromatic oil (take 3-5 drops) is good for swelling of the feet.

With olive oil

Especially useful are these baths in the winter, when the skin suffers from dryness. With the help of olive oil added to the bath, you will help the skin to recover, improve the metabolic processes in it. For example, for a moisturizing bath can dissolve 40 ml of olive oil in 1 liter of milk. Pour the resulting mixture into a bath with a water temperature of + 36 + 38 degrees. Take a bath for 15 minutes and you will notice how much the appearance of your skin will change after such a procedure.


Olive oil

Olive Tree

With eucalyptus

This essential oil has strong antiseptic properties, improves skin condition, calms the nervous system. A bath with such oil is recommended for inflammatory skin diseases, ulcerous and erosive lesions of mucous membranes. To do this, dissolve in 200 g of sea salt 4-5 drops of oil and add to water.


Eucalyptus oil


Eucalyptus oil can be supplemented with oils of sage, mint, lavender. A mixture of rosemary oils (3-4 drops) and eucalyptus (6-8 drops) helps to get rid of pain in muscles and joints. If you have a cold, lie in a bath with 7-8 drops of eucalyptus oil for 15 minutes.

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