Kvarilovye baths – features and advantages

Kvarilovye baths - features and advantages

A few years ago, choosing a new bath, we did not have to consider a lot of options. Baths made of cast iron, steel, and a little later and acrylic - that's all that the plumbing market offered us. Today the situation has completely changed. Modern production technologies in combination with human imagination offer us many new solutions. With appropriate financial capabilities, we can choose from dozens of options. Do you prefer plumbing made entirely of natural materials? Buy a marble or wooden bath. Do you like artificial modern materials? Stop your choice on one of the synthetic compounds - starylane, cast marble or kvaril. One of these innovative materials is a quarrel bath and we will discuss it in our article.

Rectangular bath of quillet

What is quarian

Kvaril is the newest material used for the production of bathtubs and shower trays. It is a synthetic compound of acrylic and quartz. The structure of the compound is as follows: a quartz particle is enclosed in a round acrylic shell, and the space between these granules is filled with acrylic and additional impurities. Quartz in the compound is necessary in order to provide greater rigidity and wear resistance of the final product, acrylic adds elasticity, and additional impurities are responsible for the color and texture of the product.

Black Whirlpool Bath

Free standing quarry bath

Manufacturing technology

The technology for producing quarry was invented and patented in Europe, by the German company VilleroyBoch, a few years ago. Initially, quarry was used to restore old, lost their appearance, acrylic bathtubs. Some time later, the producers saw in it a full replacement of acrylic and focused on the production of plumbing from the quarrel. Subsequently it turned out that in many characteristics it is superior to acrylic. Quarried baths are cast in special shapes. The product is so tough that it does not need additional reinforcement. At the final stage of production, the surface of the bath is covered with a special lacquer.

Main advantages and features

The quarry bath not only took all the advantages of its predecessor - an acrylic bath, but also got rid of many of its shortcomings.

Whirlpool bath with hydromassage

Oval Whirlpool Bath

Rectangular whirlpool bath with hydromassage


  • Cavaril baths, like acrylics, attract first of all with their beautiful appearance. The radiant white surface of such baths is their undeniable advantage over cast iron and steel products.
  • they are much lighter than metal, but slightly heavier than acrylic. The difference in weight between quarian and acrylic baths is due to the fact that the walls of quarried baths are somewhat thicker. From this follows the following advantage of the quarrel.
  • they are thicker, and therefore stronger than acrylic. They do not require additional reinforcing structures.
  • The large thickness and strength of quarried baths affect their wear resistance. The service life of such bathtubs is even greater than that of acrylics. In addition, if you provide at least a minimum of care, during the operation the quarry bath will not lose its original appearance.
  • Another property of acrylic, which has preserved quarval baths - excellent sound insulation. The surface of the bath absorbs the sound of running water. If you have thin walls or overly sensitive neighbors at home, then you will definitely appreciate this advantage.
  • The surface of the quarried baths is absolutely even, homogeneous, without the slightest roughness, but at the same time, completely non-slip.
  • Kvaril is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity. The water in the bath cools slowly, and the bath itself retains a pleasant temperature.
  • Caring for them is very easy, thanks to a smooth, non-porous surface on which dirt does not accumulate.
  • The technology of production of acrylic baths allows you to produce only baths with rounded edges. This deficiency is completely eliminated in the generation of quarry baths. They are made, including in rectangular shapes. Rectangular bath helps to save a little space, precisely having entered in the place allocated for it. In addition, if you decide to tile the bath with tiles, this is much easier if you work with straight straight lines.
  • Install a quarry bath can be quickly and easily, without resorting to the help of professionals.


Of course, the quarry bath does not consist entirely of the same virtues.

There are also disadvantages to it, which, however, are considerably less than the pluses:

  • The first, and the most significant disadvantage of such baths is the high price. A quarry bath will cost you much less than, for example, a bath made of natural stone, but on average it costs several times more than a cast iron, steel or acrylic bath.
  • Despite the fact that quarval baths can boast a wide variety of shapes and sizes than their predecessors, they are still manufactured by casting in ready-made forms. Therefore, the choice of forms is still limited.
  • Of the quarls to date, only baths and shower trays are produced, so The quarry bath is in some way a unique product. To pick up the ensemble, corresponding to the style and color of the sink and toilet bowl, is sometimes not easy.
  • The strength of quarls is higher than that of acrylic, but less than steel and cast iron. Consequently, the probability of scratching the surface of a quarried bath still exists. This disadvantage is not particularly significant, since the surface of the quarrel bath can be easily restored at home using a special paste.
  • Despite the fact that the quarry bath is unpretentious in the care, the use of aggressive cleaning agents should be avoided, in the composition of which there are abrasive substances, since they can damage its surface.
  • Kvaril is afraid of exposure to high temperatures, so if you frequently and for a long time pour very hot water in a quarrel bath, it can deform.

Standard bath of quillet

The quarry bath in the lighting

Features of the installation

Installation of a bath of quarrel in some moments will be slightly different from the installation of other types of baths. At the very beginning of this article, we already mentioned that the quarrel bath is quite stiff and therefore does not require additional support during installation. The frame in this case performs only decorative functions. For example, the space below the bathroom can be hidden by a beautiful sliding screen and store behind it various useful trivia. And you can sew the frame with the same tile as the walls of the bathroom, thus creating a style and color unity of the room.

Usually a quarry bath is installed on adjustable support legs. They allow you to change the height of the bath if necessary, and also to give the bath a strictly horizontal position.

A quarry bath with a luminous screen

The peculiarity of kvaril baths is that they do not have an overflow opening, and in some models there is no drain hole. Manufacturers do not make them so that you can choose the most optimal location of the bath indoors.

In order to drill the drain and overflow holes, you will have to resort to the services of professionals.

Bathroom mounted on a pedestal

Installation of a quarry bath is performed in several stages:

  • If a skeleton is provided for the bath, then first collect and install it, so that the bath set on it lies exactly horizontally. For more accurate measurements, use the building level.
  • Then on the frame or on the legs, install the bath and fix it on the support.
  • Install the overflow device on the bath and connect it to the sewer.
  • Install the mixer and valves. The convenience of a quarry bath is that you can install this plumbing equipment right on its edge.
  • Now you need to check the tightness of the resulting design. Collect water in the bath and leave it for several hours. Look if there are leaks. To eliminate them, you may need to use gaskets, sealant for plumbing and so on.

Installed quarry bath

Price list

We have already said that the cost of quarry baths is much higher than steel, cast iron or acrylic. This is due to the fact that the production technology is quite new, few firms have managed to master it, so the competition in the market is low. In addition, the manufacture of quarry baths are mainly engaged in German companies, which are famous not only for their excellent quality, but also for the low price of their products.

Bath quarry from Villeroy & Boch

Prices for quarry baths range from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. The amount is really not small, but given its excellent characteristics, having acquired a quarrel bath, you are unlikely to regret the money spent.

Care instructions

Keep the kvarilovuyu bath clean, it will not be difficult even for the most lazy mistress. Once or twice a week, just wash it with any suitable cleaning agent, but not with abrasive or just soap and a soft cloth.

The surface of such a bath is not prone to cracking, so there is no need to rub it with a stiff brush in order to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Of course, as a result of strong physical impact, cracks or chips may still appear, but one should not worry. Just buy a special remedy for the restoration of quarry baths and handle the damaged areas yourself according to the instructions for use.

A queen bath with legs

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