Top 10 most expensive and exclusive baths in the world

Top 10 most expensive and exclusive baths in the world

For registration of exclusive interiors of bathrooms use unique designer models of sanitary ware from leading fashion houses. Exclusiveness of models is determined by their shape, material of manufacture and the trend itself. If the golden toilet bowls are kitsch and are no longer relevant, then baths or toilets, strewn with Swarovski stones, shells of onyx or rock crystal with original lighting - this is what can be considered the latest fashion trends.

Shoe Bath

Bathtub in the shape of a shell

Bath of unusual shape

The only one of its kind

There are bathtubs that are created in a single copy. They are incredibly beautiful and amazing.

The Great Queen of Lee

Price this masterpiece is $ 1,700,000, because this bath is the only one of its kind.

The team of designers led by Simon Krapf worked on its creation for more than 6 months. The bathtub is made in the form of an Indonesian canoe from a ten-ton piece of a very rare fossilized tree Caijou, which has been lying for more than a million years in the frozen magma of an Indonesian volcano and has medicinal properties.

To make a bath medical crystals, precious stones and metals were used, which significantly influenced the cost of the product. The bath has a poor thermal conductivity due to stones of volcanic origin, so hot water does not cool for a long time.

Plumbing equipment is equipped only with modern electronics: remote control, acoustic speakers, backlight and temperature adjustment and built-in computer.

Bath Queen Lee

Malachite - Baldi

The price of the Baldi malachite bath is 222 thousand US dollars. It was created in Italy by the famous designer Luca Bojola. He made it in the form of a boat, which gives it originality. The bath is made of a rare stone - turquoise malachite, and its majesty is emphasized by luxurious legs, which are covered with 24-carat gold. This bath looks majestic and rich, and is also a colorful reminder of the luxury of the Renaissance. Specially for her, a mirror made of marble stone was created.

Malachite bath Baldi

Amethyst - Baldi

The cost of an amethyst bath from Paolo Baldi is $ 121,200. This masterpiece is made of solid amethyst, its ornamental legs are covered with twenty-four carat gold. The natural stone pattern is simply mesmerizing. To supplement the composition, the masters have developed a special built-in dispenser for liquid soap, a glass and a soap dish, which are made of the same material.

Amethyst bath Paolo Baldi

Red Diamond

The cost of a bright red bath is $ 47,200. Its creator is Puglielli Aldo, who produced this product for Watergames Technologies. Bath Red Diamond is a real creation of art, because at first glance you can not immediately say that the bath is in front of us.

Bath Red Diamond

It has two 42-inch television screens that are waterproof and are retracted using rotary mechanisms. Also the bath is equipped with multi-colored illumination, hydromassage, aeromassage and other modern functions that rest and relax. The holder for champagne is decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The bath has 18-carat gold nuggets weighing 42 grams. Its size allows you to take water procedures together.

Bath unusual Red Diamond - holder for champagne Swarovski

Bath unusual Red Diamond - hydromassage

unusual bath Red Diamond - TV

Another 6 baths in the top 10 best

In addition to the four baths we have examined, there are six more that are rightfully ranked the best.


This unique creation costs $ 987,000, because to create it used real gold.

Bath was used as a fascinating attraction in the Japanese hotel "Kominato". It was installed on the tenth floor, where there was always a reliable guard, and visitors to it were allowed only for two or three hours a day. But even a high level of protection did not prevent the intruders from stealing the bath and disappearing in 2007. This crime could not be solved.

Golden bath

Of rock crystal - Baldi

This Italian work of art costs $ 790 310, because in the world there are only three such unique baths. These products were created for the Italian company Baldi, which deals with interiors. Italian designer Luca Bojola used ten tones of rare rock crystal to create each bath. It looks natural thanks to the unpolished parts. Two baths have already found their lucky buyers, and the third masterpiece today is put up for sale in the British Harrods. In 2008, the first rock crystal bath was purchased by the Russian oligarch, and the second product was purchased by the secular lioness of Britain Tamara Ecclestone in 2011.

Bath of rock crystal


Its cost is $ 76,658, because in the world there are only twelve such products. The unique Serenity bath resembles a luxurious medieval castle, which is located on a massive pillar. Its depth is 0.4 meters, and the total height is 0.6 meters. A bronze bath with elements of silver and gold is decorated on the outside with an original drawing with a bird.

Bath Serenity

Copper - Kallista Archeo

The cost is $ 67,557. It was made by hand by highly skilled masters who were engaged in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

The copper bath impresses with its elegant form, the originality of style.

Its dimensions are 1.5 to 0.75 meters, so anyone can take a bath in it. Particular attention is drawn to the hand shower, because it has the engraving of a starfish on it.

Bath of Callistus


It is necessary to pay 39,000 US dollars, to become a happy owner of a diamond bath. Designer Loti Garner worked on the creation of this product for more than three years, because for the decoration was used about 45 thousand Swarovski crystals. Cast iron legs perfectly complement the amazing image of the bath, and also serve as a secure anchorage.

Diamond unusual bath

Diamond bath

unusual diamond bath

Glass - Le Cob

Weightlessness, style and originality give the interior glass baths. Read about them in our article.

To buy a bath of glass, you need to pay $ 34,000, but this product is worth the money. The bath has the effect of infinite filling.

Bath Le Cob

The water from the overflowing bath pours down the waterfall onto the pebble layer, creating the noise of a real mountain river. This design allows you to relax and mentally move to the noisy waterfall. The glass bath is not intended for hygienic procedures, but rather for relaxation and relaxation. Due to its small size it can be installed in the bathrooms of medium size.

Stylish accents

To create a cozy and original interior in the bathroom, many focus on the bath. It can become the center of the room, and all the other details of the design will emphasize its style. Recently, the list of manufacturers of sanitary ware, as well as assortment of products has significantly expanded.

Designer bath of the original form

Bath with lining

Masters of sanitary equipment do real miracles, while using ordinary cast iron or acrylic.

A wide variety of shapes are simply mesmerizing: rectangular, asymmetric, round, oval, square and even such that can not be called a geometric description. For example, a bath in the shape of an elegant slipper or sea stingray, which spread its wings.

Fantasies of Italian designers simply do not have boundaries. Each year, new original forms of elite baths appear in designer catalogs, which simply fascinate with their unusual shape, color and decorative solutions and technical equipment.

Black bath

A special place is occupied by cast-iron baths, which, despite the massive appearance, look very elegant. Just imagine a luxurious bath on lion's legs. Any bathroom will have an incredible color. Of course, it is worth considering the dimensions of the bath room. But for small bathrooms there are intriguing options for corner or rectangular baths.

Today the bath is not only a place for water procedures, it is used for rest and relaxation. There is a huge variety of color solutions for the bath to create a certain mood during the bath. Black, red, terracotta, blue, brown and many other color solutions are used to create baths, because there are no restrictions.

Color baths are used to create an accent. So, the red bath looks very bright and stylish.

Bath is an integral decoration of any interior in the bathroom. For example, a glass bath is very extravagant and original, because an ordinary person is not used to such a curiosity.

Glass bath with hydromassage

The latest novelty is a wooden bathtub, which conquers its luxury. What can I say about a bath of rock crystal. You can only dream of such a work of art.

Bathtub made of wood

Exclusive bath

Bath from a natural stone

Each bathroom can become elegant and luxurious, if you use expensive plumbing. The only rule is that you do not have to focus on several subjects at once, it is better to single out one product and under it to design all other elements and interior details of the bathroom. The center of the room can be made a bath and based on its style, decorate the rest of the interior.

Bath in the form of a flower

You can install a luxurious restored bath of cast iron in the center of the bathroom or use a special podium. Very delicately looks a bath of glass or onyx, which can be supplemented with waterfall mixers with lighting, which will emphasize the beauty of the material.

Restored bath

For the production of elite sanitary ware, only expensive high-quality materials and manual work are used. Masters use ceramics, natural stone, glass, metal and other materials to create expensive baths.

One of the world leaders in creating elite baths is Italy. Designers embody the original ideas, using new technologies for the production of sanitary ware. Italian baths are distinguished by a special elegance and charm. Highly skilled masters make all sanitary equipment only from expensive high-quality materials.

Bath from a natural stone

Glass bath

Bath Yin Yang

For decoration, often use gold leaf and gold, rare tree species, natural leather, and hand-painted to create real masterpieces that are worthy of kings. For a certain style of plumbing, it is necessary to decorate the entire bathroom, including shelves, cabinets, lamps, wall, ceiling and floor finishing materials - everything should emphasize the chosen style and harmonize among themselves.

Installation of expensive sanitary ware can be trusted only by professionals in their field with vast experience. Elite plumbing can be called expensive design bath models, gilded faucets or onyx washbasins.

To luxury goods can be attributed only to the plumbing equipment, which is unique and is produced in very limited quantities or in a single variant.

Gold-plated mixer


Bath with Swarovski crystals

We advise you to read our article about unusual baths. The man's fantasy is unlimited, and this is confirmed in our article.

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