Glass doors for the bathroom

Glass doors for the bathroom

Doors for bathrooms and bathrooms are usually made of wooden materials. However, it is not for long to serve such doors in a room with high humidity, to which the bathroom belongs. If we talk about the design of wooden doors, it should be noted the scarcity and uniformity of the assortment.

Metal doors are also very impractical in the decoration of the bathroom: all the same humidity is the cause, because of which corrosion appears, which is the result of the fragility of this type of door. Doors made of plastic also have their drawbacks, the main of which is the rapid loss of their original appearance and durability.

Glass doors

About the door to the toilet and bathroom read in another our article. You will learn about the features of the choice and get acquainted with the types of doors that are suitable for installation in a bathroom.

Every day, doors made of glass become more common. In Russia, the trend towards the establishment of glass doors in a residential interior came from the West, where it has been actively used for quite some time.

Let us dwell in more detail on what is specific and what are the advantages of glass doors in comparison with doors made of other materials.


To understand all the variety of glass doors and understand which model is right for you, let's start by looking at the classification of glass doors.

According to the type of device, glass doors can be:

  • swinging - with one or two doors equal or different in width;
  • pendulum - consist of one / two leaflets and can be opened both inward and outward;
  • sliding - The doors are installed in the roller mechanism at the top and bottom, due to which they can be shifted along the length of one of the walls;
  • Sliding - have a roller mechanism and two doors, which move apart in opposite directions.

Swing door glass

Pendulum glass doors

Sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors with two doors

Regardless of the type of device, glass doors can also vary in shape.

There are two varieties:

  • flat;
  • Radial (which have a curved, rounded shape).

Curved door shape

In size, glass doors do not differ from other internal doors. The exception is radial doors: the specificity of their production allows you to make doors with a size of 100 to 600 centimeters.

A distinctive feature of glass doors is the absence of the usual box into which the door is inserted. Fastening of glass doors is made directly to the wall. Accessories for this type of doors is no different from accessories for doors of other types, but it has some nuance. In order to ensure reliable fastening of the door, it is recommended to use branded hardware.

Fittings for glass doors


If we talk about the advantages of glass doors, then we can distinguish such characteristics as:

  1. Ecological compatibility of the material.
  2. Moisture resistance.
  3. Durability.
  4. Strength, due to which the volume of doors is much smaller.
  5. Variety of models.
  6. Easy maintenance.

Of course, the transparency of the doors in the bathroom can embarrass many, but using the wide possibilities of glass processing, we have the opportunity to implement any, even the most daring, design projects.

Glass doors for bathroom

coated glass


Known to date, the technology of processing glass surfaces make it possible to make them translucent and completely opaque.

It can be like glass matting with the help of sandblasting machines, and drawings with moisture-resistant paints, gluing of various decorative films, spreading of stained-glass windows and fusing (melting glass of different shades into a single cloth).


One of the drawbacks of glass doors, as, indeed, of doors made of other materials, is the appearance of condensation after we took a bath or shower.

This problem is simply eliminated: you need either to install a good ventilation system in the bathroom, or to ventilate the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Sweaty doors

Do not clean the door with a napkin; can remain a divorce, which will naturally affect the aesthetics of perception. You can, of course, find a different way to solve this problem and install doors with a special coating that prevents condensation. Then there will be no problems with this at all. The cost of such doors is indeed higher.

Another characteristic feature of glass doors is a higher price compared to wooden and plastic counterparts. Given the advantages of glass doors listed above, everyone is free to choose and determine what price-quality ratio is more acceptable for him.

Glass doors


The material for the manufacture of doors is plexiglass, polycarbonate, tempered glass or triplex. These materials are characterized by very high strength, respectively, in order to split such a door, you need to try very hard.

In order to make glass doors even stronger and safer, when manufacturing doors on its surface, a special armoring film is glued, which in case of what keeps the glass, so that it does not scatter around and injure others.

Doors made of tempered glass

In the interior

The use of a glass door in a bathroom is often explained not only by the advantages mentioned above, but also by the possibility of solving non-standard design tasks. Very unusual looks such a door in the interior of the living quarters, especially in such intimate areas as a bath and toilet.

Sauna door

In addition to the fact that the door itself is an object of decoration, it will also fit very harmoniously into almost any interior, complementing it and decorating it. Chrome-plated fittings will fit perfectly with the chrome parts in the interior of the bathroom (it can be handles, towel holders, shelves).

Example of glass doors

The possibility and options for glass doors mass, as well as bathroom design options, respectively, the door can become a bright and at the same time an inseparable element of design. It should also be noted that the back side of the door will border on the corridor space, which can not only not embarrass, but also emphasize the elegance and thoughtfulness of the style of the whole apartment as a whole.

Example of designing a bathroom

It is important that a small thickness (only 7-10 mm) of the door helps to increase and visually expand the space of the corridor and the bathroom itself.

Example of glass doors in the interior

When designing a bathroom it is necessary to take into account the accumulation of condensate on the door surface and to include in the design project an effective ventilation system so that you do not have to ventilate the bathroom every time it is used.


To begin with, we note that it is not recommended to install glass doors independently, it requires some experience and skill in this matter. Installation of a door made of glass has a number of nuances.

The installation of the glass door must be carried out as follows:

  • first of all you need to install fasteners. For this, it is necessary to take into account the type of the selected door to understand where we will install the fastening mechanisms: on the walls themselves or at the top and bottom for the roller mechanisms. Particular care must be taken to calculate the fixing point, because to adjust them in the future is not possible.
  • now proceed to mount the door itself. Without assistance, you can not do, because the door is quite heavy and fragile (especially its corner pieces).
  • At the last stage, it will be necessary to adjust and fix the hardware. This is a fairly simple stage, which you can handle on your own.

Mounting Mounting

Adjusting fittings


Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of glass doors. Everything is elementary here: it is enough to wipe the door occasionally with a napkin with special means to preserve for a long time the pristine purity and the ceremonial appearance.

Care of doors

Care for the chrome fittings with glass products should not be, otherwise there will be stains and eventually the surface will fade. They are best treated with a dry cloth.

Sliding and rotary mechanisms are periodically required to lubricate with special oil; they are constantly exposed to humidity. Special care is required for doors covered with special varnishes or decorative paints. Care for them should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the door manufacturers.

Carrying out such simple actions for the care of glass doors you will be able to maintain their working capacity and attractive appearance for a long time.

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