Sliding doors to the bathroom – space saving and stylish design

Sliding doors to the bathroom - space saving and stylish design

How many tasks do we solve when making repairs in the bathroom? Probably, each of you can name them at least a dozen. One of the most important, perhaps, is the choice of the door to the bathroom. After all, it helps us not only to protect the overview of this room from prying eyes, but also to solve design problems that will help make the interior of the room even more functional and convenient. Sliding doors to the bathroom will help solve the problem of small areas and save space. Their dignity is not only in compactness, but also in the originality of the design solution.

Sliding doors in the bathroom interior

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of a sliding door system is certainly considered to be a large saving of useful space. This type of door does not take up much space and does not block the passage.

Advantages of sliding doors

Ideal solution such doors will be for very large apertures - this kind of doors can completely block it. The number of leaflets in sliding mechanisms can vary from one to three, respectively, you can install designs of any complexity. And, most importantly, while this door will look very attractive and fit into almost any design.

Sliding doors in large bathroom

A serious shortcoming of such doors is a very complex installation process. Swing doors on this account is much easier and cheaper.

Insufficient airtightness of the room is another of the weaknesses of the sliding doors. Because of the features of the mechanism, the door leaf does not fit tightly to the door opening, so the sounds are slightly insulated. This disadvantage can be easily eliminated by installing a special gasket for insulation during installation of the sliding structure.

Bright sliding door

Material selection

Materials from which sliding doors are made can be divided into two large groups: budget models and doors of a more expensive price segment. Another criterion - the durability of sliding doors. Let's take a closer look at all their diversity.

Doors, sliding, for bathroom

Doors made of fiberboard, chipboard and MDF are quite economical and a good option. And it will last a long time if the doors are treated with special means of protection against humidity and temperature changes or covering them with a protective film. Otherwise, such doors can swell, deform and collapse. The design of such doors is very diverse in color, shape, texture. Based on this, you can choose a model of the door that perfectly fits into any stylistic design of the bathroom.

Sliding doors

Doors made of plastic, glass and solid wood are more expensive, but the quality and service life of such doors is much higher. You can choose from ready-made models or custom-made - the quality of any door will not disappoint, tk. they are subject to a thorough check and are inspected visually. Sliding constructions made of plastic are very practical, because they do not need to be protected from moisture and temperature changes.

Plastic sliding doors

The most popular today are sliding doors and doors made of glass and wood with glass inserts.

Sliding doors can be made of a single leaf and have a large enough weight and high strength.

But there is a more subtle and light version, at the same time no less durable, if made of high-quality materials - the accordion door. Which of these models to choose - it's up to you, because the choice directly depends on which stylistic key the bathroom will be made in.

Doors with glass inserts

Glass sliding doors

The accordion door

Selection of fittings and guides

So, when you have decided on the design, size and quantity of door leaves, it's time to move on to purchasing door hardware and guides. The second set includes two guide profiles (also called "rails"), a stopper, a roller mechanism and a stop.

Hardware set

Top and bottom are the guides, along which the construction will move. Also, elements are installed that allow to limit the distance of movement of the entire mechanism. The stopper is fixed to the floor, and the stopper is fixed at the top of the wall.

Fastening element

If the doors are massive enough (75 kg or more), then four rollers are required. For lightweight structures (40 to 75 kg), two rollers are sufficient. Do not save on the door mechanism, tk. The poor quality of the set of guides can adversely affect the movement of the door. It is advisable to purchase a door leaf and a sliding mechanism in one firm.

Fittings for sliding doors

Sliding constructions in the bathroom have special handles, which differ from the classic details for conventional doors. They should be located in special depressions of the door leaf, so as not to interfere with the free movement of the leaflets.

Door handles for swing doors

As a rule, handles are installed by the manufacturer, but if you need an individual design or built-in lock, the handles can be made to order.

Self-installation and installation features

A less complicated system for installing sliding designs in the bathroom is the use of an overhead system, through which the doors slide along the length of the wall along special "rails". The disadvantage of such a system is that something close to the wall can not be placed close to the wall, and such doors will not be tightly closed.

The advantage of such a system is its low cost and ease of installation, which can be carried out independently. This system includes several components - a guide that is installed above the doorway; two rollers that cut into the butt of the door from the bottom, and a lower stop that does not allow the canvas to move from side to side. This kit is enough to make the whole system function properly.

Sliding doors with overhead system

Sliding glass doors

Stages of installation of a sliding system for sliding structures:

  • On the lower end of the door leaf you need to install the rollers that are included in the guide kit. This process is quite simple, because to cut the rollers into the door itself is not required. They need to be applied and screwed onto the screws.
  • In the lower end of the door structure, a small slit of 15 mm depth and 3 mm width should be made. To do this, use a saw blade, if it is, or a Bulgarian, after having installed a special wood nozzle on it.

Layout of sliding doors

  • To find out at what height the guide is set, we measure the height of the door taking into account the rollers plus a centimeter to the distance under the door. You can set the guides in different ways. Sometimes corner brackets are used (but this option is not very reliable) or fix the structure to a beam of wood, which must be installed in advance. The second option is more reliable, and the bar can be disguised by painting it in the color of the door. When choosing a sliding mechanism, pay great attention to its dimensions (the width of the door leaf should be twice its width).
  • To establish the door leaf on the guiding structure, it is necessary to start the roller mechanism in it from the side.
  • Next, you need to adjust. For this, we set the guides in the guides so that the door is held in the desired position.
  • Now proceed to install the lower stop. To insert the stop in the groove on the left and press it firmly against the floor, you will need to fully open the doors. Then push the stop in the groove only 1 cm, he should not go far beyond the door. With the help of dowels we fix the support to the floor, necessarily aligning the canvas vertically.

Adjustment of doors

The principles of the advanced door system are discussed in detail in the following video.

The installation of a sliding structure in the bathroom alone using an overhead system is a fairly straightforward process. The sliding door is more difficult to mount with a cassette. It will be discussed further on. Sliding cassette structures are hidden from the eyes and take up little space, this is their main advantage. A cassette system is installed inside the wall, and it is produced by a single unit (cassette).

Door with cassette system

The only drawback of sliding structures, perhaps, is that when installing them you need to demolish a wall fragment, however, this is probably not all apartments. For example, in houses with an old layout, the configuration of the bathroom has a beveled shape, so to establish a cassette system in such a room it is necessary to change the design of the bath to a rectangle.

Installation of the cassette system is performed as follows:

  • First you need to prepare in the wall an opening corresponding to the size of the cassette, preferably a little more, in order not to interfere with the installation of the door in any way.
  • In the prepared opening, install the cassette door, attaching it around the perimeter. It is very important in this case to put everything clearly on the level, because even slight distortions can negatively affect the longevity of the installed door. Considering the cost of such a door and the problematic installation, repair or replacement of the mechanism will cost a lot.
  • The last stage is the masking of the inside of the cassette under the usual wall. The easiest way is to build a structure from gypsum cardboard, which will be covered with wallpaper from the external room, and spread from the inside with tiles.

Mounting the cassette system

More information on the installation of sliding doors you can learn from the video.


Of course, the door-compartment is not designed for rooms with high humidity, but sometimes they are used. It is reasonable to put them in rooms with a large area, where space saving is not required. All due to the fact that the doors are wide enough (one wing is 60 cm long, and they will need two or even three).

The dignity of such doors in their weightlessness and ease, because they are equipped mainly with glass. Due to this, the area of ​​the room visually increases.


Install sliding door-coupe is very simple. In advance, you need to carefully prepare the opening, completing its final finish. Next, mount the rail from the top and bottom and install and adjust the doors themselves.

Care of sliding doors

As a rule, breakage of sliding structures happens because the rollers are out of order due to the debris falling into the guides. Very often such a problem is faced by owners of domestic animals, whose hair can be hammered into mechanisms and disable them. Therefore, to eliminate problems with sliding compartments is very simple, it is very easy to clean the guide mechanisms with a vacuum cleaner.

Care of doors

Care of the door leaf must be carried out in accordance with the material from which they are made.

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