How to sew a door made of wood, metal

The most simple and popular way to give the door an attractive appearance is to enclose it with some kind of material. This can be done from the premises, and from the outside, you will only have to use different materials and different technologies. But in any case, the process is called "door padding". All the subtleties and nuances are below. 

Than you can beat the door

There are two types of upholstery doors - soft and stiff. Soft make of two materials - dermantinum (dermatina) and vinilskoszhi. Dermantin is a woven cotton base covered with a nitrocellulose film. This material was popular in the 40s-60s of last century, because it was practical and inexpensive. A little later there was a vinylskin. This material is made on different grounds - woven and non-woven, stretching and not. Accordingly, the artificial skin has different properties. The base is applied a layer of PVC (PVC or PVC). It is more durable, chemically neutral. Has only one significant drawback - it reacts badly to ultraviolet rays - loses its elasticity, changes its color, may crack. Because the upholstery of the doors facing directly to the street, vinyl skins are undesirable. There is, however, a material with increased resistance to UV rays, but this is a special material and this should be paid attention when buying.

Upholstery of doors with leatherette: several options

Upholstery of doors with leatherette: several options

Now for a little confusion in terminology. Dermantin in its pure form, such as it was in the last century, has not been produced for quite some time. Instead, there are different types of artificial leather made of vinyl. There are also materials coated with other polymers, but not so many. Here they are all by old memory and called dermantinom or kozhzam (although correctly, by the way, say "dermatine" without "n"). So seeing this name, it is necessary to specify which material is meant, since the properties and prices are significantly different.

Despite the fact that the material is essentially one, it has different characteristics and appearance. There are elastic species that stretch well, there are rigid, which is difficult to stretch. In addition, modern artificial leather has many colors and shades, can have a different surface structure: