Fastening and fastening for a cable

When installing or repairing wiring, you have to install wires and cables. Also, if you need to install new powerful home appliances, you sometimes have to pull a separate line from the switchboard. In any case, you have to somehow mount the wires on the walls or the ceiling. What can be the fixing of the cable for each of these cases and we will further understand. 

General rules

When the cable is hidden or open, there are several general rules in the room or on the street:

  • The optimal distance between the fasteners is 40-50 cm.
  • If you use self-tapping screws, screws, dowels, they are twisted to the limit - so that the protruding cap does not damage the insulation.
  • The cable is laid evenly, without humps. If you need a stock, it is stacked in the least noticeable place.

    It is desirable to lay the cable in a straight line - vertically or horizontally

    To lay the cable preferably on a straight line - vertically or horizontally

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