Batteries for gas columns

Batteries for gas columns

One of the most common types of ignition of gas water heaters is the ignition of the burner from an electric spark. Such ignition is called automatic or electric. It provides for the use of batteries - batteries. It is the batteries that give the electric spark necessary to start the work of the column. In order for the column to function properly, the batteries should be replaced regularly.

Batteries for gas columns

When should I replace the batteries?

If the inclusion of your column depends on the operation of the batteries, the most frequent signal that new batteries are needed is a weak spark discharge in the device. In the case of a complete discharge of batteries, the column does not turn on at all.

Batteries in a gas column

Battery compartment in the gas column

In some models of speakers, the LED flashes (usually a red LED bulb) to indicate the need to change the batteries.

Reasons for frequent shifts

Batteries can discharge more often due to:

  • High humidity in the room.
  • Contamination of ignitor jets.
  • Contamination of the bypass valve.
  • Oxidation of electrical contacts.
  • The contaminated solenoid valve sticks.
  • Changes in the distance from the burner to the ionisation probe (normally there should be a 3 mm gap).

Batteries for gas columns

Tips for choosing

To purchase batteries suitable for your speakers, check the manufacturer's recommendations. It is important to pay attention to both the size of the desired batteries, and their shape and voltage parameters.

Batteries for gas columns

How to replace?

Usually, the batteries are placed inside the column in a special box, which is located on the lower right. Replacement includes such actions:

  1. To get the battery box, move the lever, push the box slightly from below with your fingers and after removing it, take it out into your hand.
  2. After removing the discharged elements, install new batteries in the compartment for them, taking into account the polarity (there is a hint on the cover of the container).
  3. Then return the container with the batteries in its place until you get a characteristic click. The lever must also be returned to its original position.

You do not need to use any percussion instruments. Excessive efforts when installing a container with batteries can damage the fasteners holding the box.

Replacement of batteries in a gas column

Replace the batteries only when the water heater is turned off.

Can I transfer the column to the power supply?

To re-make a column powered by batteries, you need:

  • Acquire a power supply with parameters of 220V / 3V / 500mA.
  • Buy two connectors such as "mom-dad".
  • Output the two wires located inside the battery compartment with the batteries down from the cabinet. On them you will see halves of "mom" and marking.
  • If the wires are not marked with different colors, mark which one refers to "+" and which one to "-".
  • Cut off the plug from the power supply, separate the wires and solder each other half of the "daddy".
  • Connect the halves of the connectors to the polarity.
  • Plug in the unit.

In the video below, Sergey Neverov will show and tell about how to make and connect the power supply for the gas column yourself.

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