The washing machine draws water in the switched off state

The washing machine draws water in the switched off state

Even with careful handling and observance of all operating rules, sophisticated household appliances periodically presents surprises to its owners in the form of unexpected breakdowns, malfunctions and strange behavior. Washing machine is no exception. After several years of stable work, sometimes there are problems, the reasons of which can not be established from the first time.

The washing machine picks up the water in the off state - the solution

In this article, we will tell you about a fairly rare breakdown - the automatic set of water that is started when the washing machine is turned off. For the reasons of this malfunction and how to solve it, see below.


The reason is that the device starts to collect water while in the off state, there can be only one - a failure of the solenoid valve, which is responsible for the supply of water (this valve is also called the fill or inlet). It is a small plastic piece with a metal plate, working on the principle of a water tap.

Washing machine solenoid valve

When the washing program is started, a signal is sent from the control unit to the fill valve. Under the influence of voltage around the valve an electromagnetic field is formed, as a result of which the valve is opened and water is collected. When the required amount of water enters the tank, the valve closes automatically.

The fill valve is located under the top cover (if the front-loading washing machine) or behind the side panel (if the device is vertical), so it is easy to find it if necessary.

Electromagnetic filling valve for a washing machine with front loading

Like any other element of a complex mechanism, this detail can break down at the most inopportune moment. If the valve jams in the closed position, water set will not be possible, but if the inlet valve jams in the open state as a result of a breakdown, the machine will continuously recruit water, even if you disconnect it.

What to do?

Once you have found a malfunction of the drain valve, you should immediately stop the water supply. Disconnecting the washing machine from the electricity network here will not help - you should close the water pipes, otherwise the flood can not be avoided.

If the washing machine picks up water when it is off, close the water

Damage to the intake valve is not the case when you need to always refer to a professional repairman, you can deal with the problem yourself and yourself.

Replacing the solenoid valve of the washing machine

So, a broken water reclamation valve needs to be replaced, but first you need to remove it. To get to this part, you need to remove the panel under which it is located (top or side, depending on the type of loading). After finding the valve, disconnect all hoses and wires going to it. Then unscrew the bolts securing the valve (or unfasten the latches) and remove the defective part. To gently pull the valve you need to turn it slightly.

Instead of a broken device, replace it with a new spare part. Then follow the steps in reverse order. To make it easier for yourself to get started, take photos of each stage, then you can easily collect everything as it was without problems.

For more information, see the following video tutorial.

Prevention and counseling

  • In order not to flood the bathroom, and with it the apartment neighbors, you can install an "inlet" in the washing machine additional tap, with which you can block the water supply. Once the unit has completed the washing process, close the tap. So, even in the event of a breakdown of the fill valve, no water will flow into the tank.
  • If you are in doubt, you can verify that the fill valve is faulty by checking it with special equipment. Remove the valve and connect a water supply hose to it. Make sure that the valve does not allow water to pass through. Then apply in turn the voltage to each of the valve sections. From that section, which is under tension, water must flow. If this does not happen, then the item is defective.
  • Another way to check the operation of the solenoid valve is to use a multimeter (an appliance used to diagnose electrical equipment). Connect the instrument's probes to the metal plates on the valve, and place the device in the resistance measurement mode. If this figure is between 2 and 4 kOhm, then the valve is faultless.

Checking the electromagnetic valve of the washing machine for operability

Additional recommendations for connecting the washing machine to the water supply can be obtained by watching the next video.

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