Washing machine for cottages

Washing machine for cottages

Many townspeople still prefer to rest at the cottage to popular overseas resorts. And they are quite understandable because, in addition to minimal financial costs, rural life has many other advantages. In addition, modern summer residents have all the benefits of civilization - now a TV, a water heater or a computer with a modem in the village house no one is surprised.

Household appliances for cottages

However, there were still achievements in technology, which is very difficult to use at the dacha, for example, a washing machine. If the country house is equipped with modern water and sewerage system, the connection of the unit will not be difficult. But if there is only "summer" water in the house, it is necessary to look for other solutions.

Washing machine for cottages

An excellent solution if there is no running water

Fortunately, the manufacturers of washing machines did not ignore the cottagers, because they constitute a significant category of the population of our country. If you have a more or less stable supply of electricity at the dacha and there is a possibility of draining the water, then you can easily select the device that will work properly in the country conditions.

For the normal operation of such machines, a centralized water supply is not needed, it is sufficient that water enters the house from the well. However, you can carry water for washing and buckets, as did our not so distant ancestors.

Washing machine for cottages where there is no running water

Factors and requirements

The choice of a washing machine for use in the country is influenced by two main factors, the first of which is the presence or absence of a centralized water supply. If it is brought to the house, then in the choice of the unit for washing you are practically unlimited. Otherwise, the number of considered options is reduced by several times.

The second factor - this is what requirements you make to the unit you. If you live in a country house for a long time and a large family, then you will be erased as often as in a city apartment. From this it follows that the washing machine must have a full set of functions. If you go to the country only by arrivals, then you will have enough of the most primitive machine.

Washing machine for cottages without water connection

Washing machine for dacha with connection to water supply

Typically, a washing machine for giving a few standard requirements:

  • small dimensions - so that the car was convenient to carry;
  • not very high power - so as not to overload the suburban electrical wiring;
  • low energy consumption - so as not to overpay for electricity on vacation;
  • a small flow of water - is especially important in the event that the water in the tank has to be poured independently.

Washing machine for cottages - requirements


Washing machines that are suitable for use in the cottage are divided into two groups. Let's consider each of these varieties in more detail, we will study their advantages and disadvantages. Having this useful information, it will be easier for you to choose in favor of this or that option.


Automatic washing machines are also called drum machines because they are equipped with a rotating drum. In order for such a device to work properly, it is necessary to ensure adequate pressure in the water pipes, and this is possible only if the house is connected to a centralized water supply. However, an alternative to the central water supply can be a tank with water, located at a certain height, thereby creating the desired level of pressure.

Washing machine for cottages

In most of the city's apartments are installed automatic washing machines. They are convenient in that they perform the whole cycle of washing, including water heating, rinsing and spinning. You only need to load the laundry, fill the powder, run the washing program, and after it pulls out the clean and fresh laundry from the drum.


Semiautomatic or activator washing machine is a close relative of those devices where we had to wash our mums. It does not have a drum, but is equipped with a rotating ribbed disc that mixes water and washing powder and kneading laundry. To connect such an assembly, only an electrical outlet is needed, and the water in the tank must be poured independently - through a hose or, in the old fashion, buckets.

Washing machine activator type for cottages

The set of functions of such a machine is limited only to washing and automatic shutdown. Press the laundry yourself or by using a special device that resembles a mechanical press. Among the advantages of such wastes, it should be noted low cost, small size, low energy and water consumption.

With a water tank for cottages

An improbably convenient device providing the comfort of village life is a washing machine equipped with a water tank. Such a device is still considered an innovation, but you can be sure that soon summer residents will appreciate this variety of washing machines.

Washing machine with a tank for water at the cottage

Such units are equipped with a water tank, which can be built-in or attached. They can be connected to the water supply, but they can also work autonomously, because water from the reservoir comes under pressure. Such machines form an independent system, as they do not require any water supply, nor sewage (the discharge of water is carried out in a separate container).

The tank for water is capacious enough, it is designed for several washes. However, you need to make sure that the water does not stagnate, otherwise the laundry will not be fresh even after washing. Such machines very economically consume water, as they independently determine the required amount of water for washing.

Washing machine with a reservoir under water for a summer residence

For a summer residence with pressing

The squeezing function in washing machines is certainly a useful thing, and in the conditions of city life it is impossible to do without it. However, while living in the country, many of us would not refuse such amenities. But, if for a city apartment it is better to choose devices with a high class of pressing, then, choosing a car for a dacha, you can save on this parameter.

Washing machine with spin function for summer residence

It's very simple: living in the city, we strive to minimize the time for homework, so it is important for us that the laundry dries up as quickly as possible (in many respects, for the simple reason that there is simply nowhere to hang it). In the country, we have a lot of free time, so the laundry after washing can calmly dry for a couple of days in the sun - a place on the cottage for this you can find without problems.


If you are not used to spending a lot of time at the dacha, and you go there only a couple of times during the summer, you simply can not get a full-fledged washing machine for a dacha. However, I do not really want to carry dirty clothes home for washing. Here come to the aid of miniature washing machines, created specifically for such cases.

Washing machines "Baby" - a product of domestic production. They have very small dimensions and a tank with a capacity of about 20 liters. This will be enough to quickly wash a few small things. But bed linen, jackets and other large items will still have to be washed to the city.

Washing machine type Baby for giving

Do all models have heating?

Heating water is a very important function, which is equipped with all modern washing machines. With semiautomatic aggregates the situation is more complicated: most models of this useful function are deprived. However, there are several manufacturers that produce activator stilalki, capable of heating water.

Water is heated in the initial stage of washing, and then the desired temperature is maintained. Washing in warm water is certainly more effective, which is especially important at the dacha, because there we often have to wash the working clothes soiled in the ground.

Browse popular models


A type

Dimensions, cm

Loading, kg


Average price, rub.

Assol XPB35-918S



up to 3.5

delicate washing


Gorenje W72Y2 / R



up to 7

container for water


Fairy СМПА 2003



up to 2

spinning of laundry


Assol XPB55-158



up to 5.5

reverse function (the drum rotates in two directions)


Fairy SMPA-3502N



up to 3.5

drain pump


Gorenje WA 60065 R



until 6

15 wash programs


Washing machine Assol XPB35-918S for summer residence

Washer Gorenje W72Y2 / R for summer residence

Washing machineFeya SMPA 2003 for summer residence

Washing machineAssembly XPB55-158 for summer residence

Price list

As can be seen from the previous section of our article, prices for washing machines that are suitable for use in the country can vary significantly. The difference between the simplest and most "heaped" model is more than ten thousand rubles.

The cost of the device will depend on many factors, among which:

  • reliability of the manufacturer;
  • type of control (automatic or semi-automatic);
  • dimensions;
  • tank capacity;
  • presence of pressing and heating of water;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • class of washing;
  • energy consumption class;
  • the presence of a reservoir for water, etc.

Washing machine for cottages - prices

How to connect?

  • If there is no sewage at the dacha, it is necessary to provide a pit in which the water will flow. The depth of the drainage pit must be at least 150 cm. In this case, make sure that the soapy, soapy water does not harm the dacha plantations.
  • If the house is not connected to a water pipe, the water tank can greatly facilitate your life. Its function can be performed by a suitable plastic or metal tank installed in the yard or in the attic.
  • It is better if the water tank is located as high as possible above the ground (ideally it should be at a height of 10 meters) - in this case, the pressure necessary for normal water supply to the washing machine will be provided.

We bring to your attention two ideas for using a washing machine in country conditions. See the followers.


  • In the store, tell the seller that you choose a car for the dacha. He will offer you compact models with vertical loading, capable of working without running water and sewerage. Such units are much cheaper than conventional washing machines.
  • Do not overpay for unnecessary functions: this is a parameter on which you can and need to save. For example, a washing machine for a dacha should not be able to wash delicate fabrics or dry linen. After all, in general we wash there simple clothes from undemanding materials, which may well dry out in the fresh air.
  • For the dacha do not fit with the highest possible rates of washing: the highest class of washing and spinning is good for a city apartment, but in a summer-resort area where power outages and network overloads often occur, it is better to use appliances that do not heavily load the wiring.

Choosing a washing machine for a summer residence

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