Water heaters for cottages

Water heaters for cottages

For many of us, the hot water coming from the tap in the dacha is not a luxury, but a practical necessity. That is why with the beginning of the summer season, more and more dacha owners purchase for their sites a variety of devices for heating water. The type of water heater depends on many different factors, including on what communications are brought to the house.

Water heater

If the dacha is connected to a gas pipe, then usually get a gas boiler, and if not - then electric. If the house is equipped with a water pipe, it is often chosen between a flow and storage device. In the absence of water supply there are no alternatives - only a water heater. Read more about this type of equipment in our today's article.

Summer water heater


The water heater is the only possible solution for those who do not have the opportunity to organize on the garden plot at least some kind of a water pipe. In this case, the water in the house is usually delivered from the nearest column or well or brought directly from the city.

Water heater for cottages

A water heater of this type is usually a water tank equipped with a TEN. The water in the tank is poured manually from a jar or canister. The volume of the tank of the tank heater, as a rule, is small - it is from 5 to 20 liters.

For greater convenience, the design is often equipped with a sink or shower head.

Water heater for cottages with a sink


It is believed that the liquid water heaters have long been obsolete, but in fact such devices continue to use a huge number of summer residents. Despite the fact that more modern types of water heaters are much more convenient, liquid devices are not without advantages. Among the most significant advantages of this model are:

  • simplicity of installation and operation;
  • fast heating of water (thanks to a small volume of the tank);
  • low cost;
  • strength and durability;
  • compactness and low weight;
  • economy in the consumption of electricity.

Water heater in the cottage


The design of the tank heater is very simple - in many respects it is thanks to this that it has won such popularity among summer residents. In the device of this kind of devices, three main elements can be distinguished: a water tank, a heating element and a spout with a tap. In this case, the tap can be conventional or with a mixer. In the latter case, the water heater must be equipped with an additional tank, from which cold water will flow to the mixer.

The device of a bulk water heater

Such a system is very reliable, it rarely fails, because, apart from the heater, there is nothing to break. Most often, water heaters for cottages work from electricity, but on the market you can also find models in which gas is used to heat water.


The device for most liquid water heaters is approximately the same, but they can differ in some features of the design and functions. Let's consider some of the most common varieties of this type of water heater.

Different models of liquid water heaters


Perhaps the most common type of liquid water heater is "mydodyr", received its name because of the external similarity with the main character of the eponymous cartoon. It is a cabinet with a built-in kitchen sink or washbasin. A water tank is placed above the sink, to which the heating element is connected.

Water heater Mojdodyr

Depending on the model, the water can be heated automatically or manually switched on. Most modern "moydodyr" is equipped with a system of protection against overheating and switching on with an empty tank.

Water heater Mojdodyr

Behind the door of the curbstone is a tank, into which water is drained from the sink. If desired, it is possible to arrange the withdrawal of water from the reservoir into the drainage pit in the territory of the site.

With shower

Even more concise construction of the filling water heater, which is intended to compensate for the lack of a shower in the country. This device is a rather voluminous water tank with a shower hose attached and a watering can attached to it.

Such a device can be installed in any place equipped with an electrical outlet. Most often it is placed in the summer shower. Like "moydodyr", it is usually equipped with protective functions that make its use more secure.

Water heater with shower

Usually the tank of this heater is designed for 50-100 liters of water - this is quite enough for comfortable water procedures at a warm temperature.

Shower cabin

A more advanced modification of the water heater with a shower is a kit for arranging a shower cabin. It includes not only a water tank and a shower head, but also a shower tray, a shower panel or curtain and a set of fasteners.

Shower cabin for summer residence

Such a system can operate from electricity or gas. It can be used for heating water in a tank and solar heat, but only in clear, hot enough days. Such a device can be done independently from improvised materials. It is only necessary to find a suitable tank and a device that will perform the function of the heater.

Cabin shower

Electric water heaters for cottages with a heater

We have already mentioned that water heaters often work with electricity. Gas, firewood, solar energy and other ways of heating water are used in such devices much less often. Despite the greater convenience, safety of operation and many other advantages, electric water heaters have their drawbacks.

  1. First, electric energy costs more than gas, so these devices are less economical. Secondly, the heater, due to which water is heated, is prone to corrosion and scale formation, which can disable the device.
  2. And, finally, during outages, which are not uncommon in cottages and villages, you run the risk of not having hot water.

Filling boilers for cottages

Nevertheless, despite some difficulties in use, electric filling devices continue to be the most popular model of water heaters for our truckers.

Country water tank

Manufacturers and models

Having studied the market of liquid water heaters, we have chosen for you several best models from the most reliable and popular manufacturers. All presented models are perfectly suitable for use in country conditions.



Volume of the tank

average price



20 l

2170 rub.

"Mr. Heath"

Summer cottage EVN-20

20 l

2330 rub.

Summerman EVN-25

25 L

2 610 rub.

Summer cottage EVN-15

15 l

2 080 rub.

Summerman EVN-10

10 l

1 890 rub.


EVBO-P - 15 / 1,25 Dachny - P

15 l

840 rubles.

EVBO-N - 20 / 1,25 Dachny - H

20 l

2 250 rub.



20 l

1 850 rub.


15 l

1 640 rubles.


Aquatex 30L

30 l

2 195 rub.

Water heater Mr. Heath Dachnik EVN-25

Water heater ElectroMash Aquatex 30L

Water heater Success 20

Water heater Alvin EVBO-20/1

A detailed description of the liquid water heater Alvin EVBO-20/1 can be found in the following video.

Tips for choosing

  • Focus on the products of proven, well-proven manufacturers. Absolute majority of liquid water heaters, which are sold in stores, domestic production. And this is not surprising, because such devices are used mainly in our country.
  • Choosing a water heater, read about the model you liked on the Internet. Feedback from real owners of the device will give you more complete and objective information than the promises of the manufacturers.
  • The most important parameters that should be considered when choosing a water heater for cottages are the heating method, tank volume and power. Also we advise you to ask the seller if the device is capable of supplying water to several points of water.

Filling water heaters


The installation of a water heater at the cottage is a very simple task, which can be easily handled alone, without special experience in this area. Detailed instructions for installation and a set of necessary fasteners are included with the device, so no great difficulties should arise. We will give you a couple of recommendations that will help you make the installation without errors.

Water heater

  • Before proceeding with installation, make sure that the surface will withstand the load from the water heater. Consider not only the weight of the device itself, but also the weight of the water. Particular care must be taken when installing on a wall made of plasterboard and other unstable materials.
  • Electric water heaters usually have a small power, so do not create an increased load on the network. However, for your own safety, you should always connect the ground to the working socket. The fuse will also not be superfluous, but if the capacity of the water heater is low, you can do without it.

Water heater-shower

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