Where do I put powder in the washing machine?

Where do I put powder in the washing machine?

Where to load detergents in the washing machine? This issue remains relevant, as a competent filling of the dispenser will help every housewife save money and make laundry quality.

Tray Location

Washing machine vertical loading. In the washing machine with the hatch on top, the powder receptacle is attached from the inside of the lid. Such a tray is usually large (at least more than a powder receptacle with front loading technology). This placement of the powder drawer turned out to be not very convenient, so the producers of stylals eventually abandoned this idea.

Washing machines with front loading such a tray is in the upper left corner and is a retractable powder receptacle of small size with separate sections. There are signs opposite each compartment of the dispenser. The main thing is to know how they are deciphered:

  • II or "AT"- so the manufacturers designate the largest compartments of the powder receptacle of washing machines. A section for loading a conventional powder is used, which is used in the main wash mode. This cell should be used for other modes.
  • * or Softener, or image of a flower - The labels are located opposite the smallest cells. These compartments of the dispenser are designed for a condenser, and ordinary detergent can not be poured into this section.
  • I or "A"- the symbols that are found opposite the narrowest compartment of the washing machine's powder receptacle. The symbols indicate a section for prewash. Therefore, choosing the "Prewash" mode, you need to use this particular cell and fill it with a small amount of powder. By the way, Only dry powder is used for this section of the dispenser.

powder tray in a vertical loading machine

powder in the front-loading machine

Washing machine

First you should find a dispenser. Typically, washing machines vertical loading powder is located on top of the hatch stilalki. But in the horizontal loaders, a special compartment is located inside the loading hatch.

powder collector

Washing machine semi-automatic

If a semiautomatic machine is used, there is simply no separate powder receptacle for the powder. Usually, in such semi-automatic machines, dirty laundry and powder are loaded into the drum. For this option, it is better to use only a usual dry powder, as in semi-automatic machines, detergents are not strongly foamed.

semi-automatic machine

Why are there several compartments, and in which powder?

Sometimes after prolonged use of the washing machine, some symbols on the powder receptacle may be erased. Here you can experiment and figure out which department the powder should be poured into. Select the normal washing mode (i.e., no prewash, soak); then open a special compartment for the powder, and you will immediately see where exactly the water is supplied. The separation of the powder collector into which water is supplied is intended for the detergent.

loading powder into the washing machine

Features compartments in machines of different brands.

1. Brand Bosch. The German manufacturer has created a simple powder receiver. It consists of separate sections intended for liquid detergents and starch, and compartments for the preliminary / basic washing regime.

2. Brand Indesit. A good and inexpensive technique has a powder collector of four sections - a removable section, designed for bleaching agents, separate boxes for flavors / softeners, as well as a section for the main / preliminary washing mode.

3. Samsung brand. The powder collector is divided into three separate sections, where the left section is used for dry powder. All other detergents are to be added to the container (dispenser) and put it inside the drum of the washing machine.

4. LG brand. Washing machines with three separate loading compartments, the first two drawers are designed for the preliminary / main wash mode, and the third section is dedicated to special processing - blooms, flavors, air conditioners.

5. The brand of Gorenje. The powder receptacle of this manufacturer is also divided into compartments. Two of them are allocated for the powder required for the main / preliminary washing regime. The third section is intended for air conditioners, special bleachers and other agents responsible for special processing.

compartments for detergents

various detergents for washing

compartments of powder receptacle

Can I fall asleep in a drum?

Most hostesses recommend adding powder to the drum of the washing machine, this method allows you to reduce the consumption of detergent. Find out if this is really so, easy. Immediately after the end of the wash, you need to open the container: if the powder receiver is clean and empty, then there simply is no sense in such castling.

If the washing machine is not new and no longer clean the powder from the dispenser, detergents can safely be sent to the drum.

loading detergent directly into the drum machine

Non-standard detergents

Here it is said about popular novelties, which are produced in the form of compressed cubes / capsules. Usually these unusual detergents do not completely dissolve in the corresponding compartment, so it is better to send them to the drum.

Capsules for washing

filling the powder tray


The amount of powder to be filled for washing is important to measure competently. If Stiralka can not independently measure the right amount of powder per kilogram of dirty laundry, you need to learn to do it yourself. Recommendations for the distribution of the amount of powder can be found on any packaging. By the way, some housewives put less powder than they need in order to save money. That's just the wrong dosage will affect the quality of washing, because an insufficient amount of powder can make the laundry after washing hard and gray.

dosage of detergent

quality washed laundry

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