Variants of alteration of Khrushchev: 1, 2, 3, 4 – room, photo before and after

Not the most successful apartments in houses built in the times of Khrushchev: very small areas and non-ideal planning. In those days, the problem was solved - to provide each family with a separate living space, and no one paid special attention to the comfort of living. What they are good for is the fact that the re-planning of the Khrushchevka does not cause any special difficulties: the bearing walls, as a rule, are only external, all the rest are partitions. They can be demolished or moved without risking the carrying capacity of the entire building. But this does not mean that repair work can begin without a project and coordination. Any changes are subject to registration. 

What is the redevelopment and how to arrange it

Re-planning is any change in the configuration of partitions in the apartment. In the bearing walls, it is strictly forbidden to change anything without first assessing the damage and determining measures to eliminate it. In the case of unloaded walls or partitions, everything is not so categorical, although it is suggested first to draw up a project, then to coordinate it and only then to proceed with the implementation of the ideas.

It is worthwhile to know that there are several unacceptable alterations that you will never be reconciled:

  • Expansion of the area of ​​"wet rooms" - kitchen, bathroom and toilet - is allowed only at the expense of technical premises. Over the inhabited they can not be located. That is, you can pick up part of the corridor, built-in closet, hallway. In this regard, there may be controversial points about some types of redevelopment. In particular, the photo below indicates such a disputed zone.
    The disputed zone with the expansion of the area of ​​the bathroom

    The disputed zone with the expansion of the area of ​​the bathroom

    The red fragment is actually located in the corridor, but according to the documents of the BTI it is a residential area. And if in this form to submit a redevelopment, it will not be accepted. To get around this barrier, first a partition separating the corridor will be drawn up, make out this redevelopment, then submit a project with an enlarged bathroom area.

  • When expanding the area of ​​the kitchen, this can not be done:
    • due to the area of ​​the bathroom;
    • if the expansion occurs due to the area of ​​the living room, it is impossible to install sanitary and kitchen equipment (washing and stove) on it;
    • If the kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, it is prohibited to combine it with a living room.

Changing the gas stove to electric is not always a good way out, but you can go around the last point in another way: by installing sliding doors or "accordion".

Remodeling of one-room Khrushchev

One-bedroom apartments are mostly bought by young people. In this case, the possible option of replanning one-room Khrushchev - transforming it into an apartment studio. Usually remove all the partitions between the room and the kitchen, often demolish another partition separating the hallway.

Option re-planning odnushki in the studio apartment

Option re-planning odnushki in the studio apartment

That in any case remains unchanged is the location of the bathrooms: any transfer of these premises in apartment buildings is prohibited (except for the first floors).

In the photo above, the redevelopment also touched the bathroom, but it did not change its location. The sizes have changed - the area has increased due to the transfer of two walls: the one that faces the room has been moved forward a bit and the side door has been moved closer to the entrance door. This made it possible to install a washing machine. With her often in small apartments there are difficulties. The hallway in this version is small, but in the room you can allocate space for the dressing room.

On the design of the studio apartment in detail you can read here. 

Another version of the redevelopment of 1-room Khrushchev is presented in the next photo. In this case, they combined the corridor and the kitchen, the doors to the room were moved further from the entrance, so that the functionality of the room increased significantly. It also became possible to allocate space for a spacious built-in wardrobe in the corridor. The functionality of the kitchen was not affected, its area as a result of the destruction of the partition even slightly increased - by 0.2 square.

Remodeling 1 room Khrushchev

Remodeling 1 room Khrushchev

It is used here another widespread in recent years way to increase living space - the insulation of balconies and loggias. With a sufficient level of insulation and the organization of heating there is maintained a comfortable temperature. At the same time, you can clean up without any special difficulties that part of the wall that used to be under the window. The rest of the wall can not be touched. In this case, an office is organized on the heated loggia.

Khrushchev's layout: 1 room

Khrushchev's layout: 1 room

Consider another version of the redevelopment of one-room Khrushchev, which was built in a brick house. There are other squares, a balcony instead of a loggia, a very small bathroom and a small kitchen, but the partitions are the same as in the previous case.

Due to the use of a corner shower and the rejection of the bathroom, it was possible to optimize the location of sanitary ware so that a place was created for the washing machine. At the same time, the wall is made oblique, which gave an increase in the area of ​​the kitchen. True hallway in this version is quite small, but the kitchen has become almost a meter (0.7 square) more.

The living area is increased due to the insulation of the balcony, the desktop and the cabinet are moved there. The peculiarity of this redevelopment is that the customer was required in such a small area to have 5 beds: for 3 children and 2 for adults. As you can see in the photo they are all there: one bed is a children's two-story.

Another variant of redevelopment

Another variant of redevelopment

Sometimes the previous idea, which is called, "does not heat." The lack of walls in the kitchen is not all perceived as normal, even if there is no partition from the hallway, and not with the room ... In the next variant, the reshaping of the Khrushchev was carried out due to the transfer of partitions. Moved side wall of the hallway - shifted to the side of the room. At the same time, the front wall of the hallway is moved almost directly to the door to the bathroom. As a result, the area of ​​the hall has been enlarged, it has a place for a built-in wardrobe or a dressing room.

To compensate for the reduction in the area of ​​the room, the area of ​​the kitchen is reduced. But it almost did not lose functionality, because due to the transfer of the partition to the bathroom door, a place appeared for the installation of the refrigerator. Such re-planning of the Khrushchev's led to the fact that the dining area was moved to the room, and the swinging doors were replaced by a sliding or "accordion".

At the same time, the room is L-shaped, and this gives an opportunity to put a partition that will separate the "children's bedroom" from the "living-dining room". The same option is suitable for those who want to make a two-room apartment from a one-room apartment. Often such an alteration of the Khrushchev is started by couples with a small child. Another version of the alteration of a 1-room apartment in a 2-room apartment, with another initial layout.

From odnushki do kopeck piece

From odnushki do kopeck piece

This is the easiest way - to put a partition of gypsum board. Occupy on should not more than half the lumen, so that in the second half still there was natural light.

Odnushku in kopeck piece

Odnushku in kopeck piece

Another example of how you can turn a corner one-room "Khrushcheb" into a studio apartment with a dedicated bedroom. In the bedroom, of course, no extra items can not be, just a bed and a closet. But it is isolated.

A few more options for altering one-bedroom apartments you will find in this article.

Remake of Khrushchev's kopecks

Two-room Khrushchev in the homes of these years, most. Disadvantages they have the same, as well as in one-room: small areas and uncomfortable planning, passage rooms. Nevertheless, most problems can be solved by transferring some walls. For example, adjacent rooms can be divided, and simultaneously from a two-room to make a three-room.

Remake of Khrushchev: from

Remaking of Khrushchev: from the "tram" we make two separate rooms

We put an additional partition separating the room from the corridor. Thus, a rather large room is obtained, which can be used as a storage room, or can be turned into a dressing room. The second room - a long and narrow one - is divided into two zones: a bedroom and a living room with a light partition of plasterboard or other sheet material.

In the photo below, there is another type of walk-through rooms in the kopeck piece: - To get into the second room, the first one needs to be crossed from one wall to the other. The extremely unfortunate layout in the sense that the functionality of the first room is very low: the "dead" passage zone falls out. And since often in the end of the second room a pantry is made, it can not be used in full.

Another version of the alteration of a two-room apartment in a three-room

Another version of the alteration of a two-room apartment in a three-room

According to the proposed version of the alteration, the shape of the bathroom due to the transfer of the wall becomes rectangular, the hall is combined with the first room. It is used as a living room, from which the entrance to the kitchen is made. The back room is divided into two small bedrooms. Pay attention to the partition between the two bedrooms - it is non-linear, so that it was possible to arrange a small dressing room in both rooms.

Remodeling of the Khrushchev's: 2 rooms are remodeled in 3

Remodeling Khrushchev: 2 rooms

You can turn an ordinary two-room apartment in a panel Khrushchevka into a modern apartment-studio with a combined living room-kitchen. The main task with this redevelopment is to get permission to move the entrance doors. At the same time, the former hallway turns into a dressing room. The kitchen and the living room are combined at the expense of the partly demolished partition, and the bathroom is also combined.

If desired, the second room can be divided into two with a light partition that separates the bedroom of the working area or cabinet. To zoning was more complete, but in the bedroom there was access to sunlight, the partition can be made not at full height, but approximately 1.5 meters.

An interesting variant of replanning a two-piece

An interesting variant of redesigning the angular two-piece

Very effectively solved the issue of altering kopeck piece in this version of the alteration. In fact, it became a trash. Due to the fact that the hall is sloping, the area of ​​the bathroom is increased. The partition separating the kitchen from the room is partially dismantled. The second room is divided into two parts, the area of ​​the second is enlarged due to a closet and a closet. It turned out two separate bedrooms, and due to the fact that the apartment is angular, there are windows in both.

The corridor has an unusual shape - its walls are located diagonally. Its functionality is small, but also the area too. And the rest is a very good option.

Several options for repairing one-bedroom apartments using the described techniques can be found here. A repair of two-room (with real photos) is described in this article.

Remodeling 3 x room Khrushchev

Remaking of a three-room apartment in Khrushchev series II-57.3.2. The worst thing in this version is the meager size of the toilet and the bathroom. Basically, in order to fix the situation and started repair. For re-planning, the partitions between the toilet and the bathroom were removed, the adjacent part of the corridor was fenced off by a wall in which the doors were made. Since in the zone where there was a corridor earlier, the waterproofing of the floor is worse, additional measures are required in this zone.

Remodeling three-room hruschevki: before and after photos

Remodeling three-room hruschevki: before and after photos

The second weak point of the original layout: there is nowhere to put the cabinet. In the busy section of the corridor, there was a small wall cabinet, but it was very small. In this regard, it was decided to move the wall of one of the bedrooms, and in the vacant place to make a wardrobe.

To unite the kitchen and living room, part of the wall was destroyed. According to the project, it was necessary to increase the adjacent bearing walls and floors. Since the stove in the kitchen is gas, doors are necessary. Sliding were supplied.

The next version of the renovation was planned to increase the area of ​​the bathrooms, as well as to turn one of the rooms into a living-dining room, with access to the kitchen. In passing, you need to get two bedrooms.

Redevelopment of 3 room apartment Khrushchev

Redevelopment of 3 room apartment Khrushchev

The partitions between the toilet and the bathroom were dismantled, part of the corridor departs to the bathroom. To organize the normal space of the hallway, the wall moves a little from one of the rooms. In the kitchen make an entrance from the living room, on the opposite wall the entrance to the second bedroom is made, and the door unit, which previously led to the second bedroom is dismantled, the opening is closed. On the design of arches read here.

Revision of the layout

Remodeling of the layout: before and after

Another option. The main task, which is solved by re-planning Khrushchev - an increase in the area of ​​the kitchen and bathroom. The solution for the bathroom is traditional - they removed the piers and also leveled the wall. The small kitchen is combined with the dining room. She even found a place for a group of rest - a sofa and a TV.

Solved another problem: the passage rooms are divided. This happened due to the reduction of the area, but the premises became more functional, and in the enclosed areas two wardrobe rooms were made.

If you are thinking about removing the partition between the kitchen and the room, you can read about the design of the combined kitchen and living room here. 

Remaking 4 x room Khrushchev

With an increase in the number of rooms in the apartments of this layout, the disadvantages are only exacerbated: a small bathroom and kitchen no longer becomes, rooms often - checkpoints. One of the most unfortunate options in the photo below. This is what was "BEFORE" that.

The redevelopment of 4 room room Khrushchev: photo

Remodeling 4 x room Khrushchev: photo "before"

This apartment is relatively large in area hallway, but it is inefficient. The only corner with decent walls is occupied by a storeroom. All other walls are problematic: 7 doors enter the hallway.

The redevelopment of 4 room room Khrushchev: photo

Remodeling 4 x room Khrushchev: photo "after"

In the proposed version of the room have a more correct shape - closer to the square, which is easier to use. There are two separate bedrooms, and two rooms are turned into a dining room and a living room. From the hallway there is an entrance to the enclosed wardrobe room.

The bathroom remained separate, the bathroom area was enlarged due to straightening of the wall. The part that previously belonged to the corridor also requires reinforcement of the waterproofing.

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