Scale in the bathroom – effective methods of fighting insects

Scale in the bathroom - effective methods of fighting insects

From the appearance of insects in the bathrooms, no one can be insured, because there are many reasons for their occurrence. In this article, we will find out all the reasons for their appearance in the human dwelling and find the most effective methods of combating these insects.

The reasons for the appearance of insects in the bathroom

Usually insects live in those rooms where the microclimate is disturbed. As a result, favorable conditions arise for their dwelling. They can get into the house using ventilation pipes, cracks in the walls and through open windows. If you do not regularly clean the bathroom and do not take good ventilation, insects will become your regular neighbors. The increased humidity in the bathroom is the main condition for the spread of different types of insects such as spiders and woodworms, scales and centipedes.

What a scaly figure looks like

A scaly is a very common insect in a bathroom room, because she loves the presence of moisture. This type of insect is characterized by the fact that it can live in any conditions. Therefore, if you do not take measures to destroy the scales, these insects will live in the apartment for a long time.

Scale is a small insect, She has an elongated body and a large number of legs that allow her to move quickly. She runs away from prying eyes, if it is noticed by the tenants of the apartment. So the probability of catching it is small enough. This kind of insect has long antennae, which are located both on the front and back of the body.

They feed on starch, synthetic fabrics, paper, and also are fans of food remains, are not indifferent to sugar-containing food. They do not represent a particular danger to human health, but being in the bathroom will become unpleasant and disgusting. Scales are divided into several species depending on the color of the body. They can be silvery, transparent, yellowish and greenish in color.

Transparent flake

Most often, the apartments are inhabited by silvery scales. It is very prolific, and unless measures are taken to destroy it, the number of insects will grow exponentially. If you notice these insects in your house, you can not linger, you must immediately move on to active actions to destroy the scales.

Specialist for the destruction of insects in the house

How to get rid of the scales in the home

Very often to fight insects, they turn to special services for help. To destroy uninvited insects at home, you can use modern chemicals, as they are effective and their cost is low, but it should be borne in mind that chemicals can be highly toxic and dangerous to human health and pets.

To disinfect a living room, you must purchase one of the following:

  • a bath cleaner that contains chlorine in the composition;
  • copper vitriol;
  • special aerosols for the destruction of insects.

It is necessary to ensure a good work of the heating and ventilation system in the bathrooms.The drier the air in the room, the less likely it will be for scales and woodworms.

You can install a forced ventilation system and an electric towel warmer to avoid problems with maintaining the optimum temperature in the plumbing room in the event of a shutdown of hot water or interruptions in the heating system.

The main actions for the destruction of insects in the bathroom:

  • It is necessary to take out all objects and debris from the bathroom in order to have access to all corners and inaccessible places.
  • Perform a spring cleaning, during which all objects and items in the bathroom should be treated with a special cleaning agent containing chlorine.
  • When all areas and objects dry, it is necessary to apply a solution of copper sulfate and dry everything well. It is necessary to apply a thermal fan or fireplace to dry the corners of the room well, as well as under the bathroom and in other secluded places.
  • Apply aerosol formulations. They should spray the entire room and close it for one hour. Then you need to ventilate the bathroom well, so as not to breathe poisonous vapors. Do not use a weak aerosol solution, which is produced on a plant basis, since its effect will be slow and ineffective. To achieve maximum results, the treatment should be repeated after a few days.
  • Independently make a mixture of boric acid, which must be in powder form, with chalk. Thus it is necessary to adhere to a proportion 1: 4. This powder is sprinkled with all the places where insects can live. In a week it is necessary to clean the room of mixture and dead insects. And again, treat the bathroom with a mixture and leave for a week to get rid of all the new insects that have emerged from the eggs.

Aerosol treatment of the bathroom

Cleaning in the bathroom

Boric acid for disinfection of premises

Also, to fight the scales, you can use folk remedies that are passed down from generation to generation:

  • The glass trap consists of an ordinary can, which is wrapped in paper, insulating tape or tape for windows. It should put a piece of apple or bread. This trap is set for the night, and in the morning insects will be in the bank. The smell of food will cause them to get into the jar, but they can not get out of it already.
  • A wet trap from the newspaper does not require any special expenses. It is necessary to take a newspaper, to wet it well and leave it on the floor. In the morning insects already settle in it, as they like wet places. The newspaper should not be deployed, but simply cleaned and burned quickly. If you start to unfold the paper, some scales can escape, because they move very fast.

It should be noted that it is better to start fighting with insects with folk methods, so as not to harm your health. Only in case of uselessness of national means, it is possible to pass to stronger chemical preparations. When using them, do not forget about protecting your health and when handling, wear a respirator, protective gloves and do not leave these funds in places accessible to children.

Protection against toxic substances

How dangerous insects are in bathrooms

If small insects appear in the bathroom, which move very quickly and hide from us, almost everyone thinks about whether they will harm health. The most common insect in the apartments is a scaly. It is completely harmless to human health, only from its appearance there is a feeling of disgust, and mood spoils. Scale can harm your apartment, because he likes to eat paper. In the usual habitat, she lives in dark places with high humidity. Therefore, in the apartment she will choose the room of the bathroom, but for food will go around the house. Scales feed on substances that are of plant origin, and also have starch and polysaccharides in the composition.

Place of food of the scales

Scales can eat flour, sugar, glue for wallpaper, book bindings, photos, as well as synthetic fabrics. Therefore, it can do little harm to your things, your favorite photos and books.


To insects do not wound up in the bathroom, it is necessary to conduct constant preventive actions:

  • Conduct general cleaning once a week, at the same time it is necessary to clean the bath, ceiling and floor, walls, and all hard-to-reach places qualitatively.
  • Still our ancestors actively used cold for struggle against different insects. When it's cold outside, it's necessary to ventilate the bathroom. For several hours you need to open all the doors and windows in the room, so that cold air filled the bathroom. But remember your personal safety. Not to catch a cold, go for a walk or close in one of the warm rooms. If the temperature is less than 10 degrees, then adult insects and their eggs will die. After ventilation, it is necessary to wipe all objects and surfaces again to get rid of the condensate. It is necessary to sweep the dead insects and remove the clutches of their eggs.

This method of struggle, of course, is effective, but hardly applicable in modern apartments. However, it can be used in dachas.

The above methods will be an excellent prophylaxis from the appearance of scales in the bathroom. But even if you notice a few insects, you should not be upset and panic. The main thing is that unwanted guests do not breed. If you start the fight in a timely manner, then you can easily get rid of them.

Other insects and methods of combating them

In addition to the scaly, to the common insects that can appear in the bathroom room, there is a mackerel. It has small dimensions, its body is painted gray, and the back is slightly convex. The main feature of the woodlice is the love of wet rooms and it is difficult to get rid of them. Also in the bathroom you can meet spiders.

To prevent the appearance of insects in the premises of bathrooms, steam treatment of surfaces can be used during cleaning. The method of hot steam treatment is very effective for removing dirt, soap residue, disinfection and destroying larvae and eggs of insects.

Steam treatment of bathroom

For the control of insects, the best remedy is prevention. Be sure to keep the bathroom clean. When implementing general wet cleaning, special attention should be paid to walls and floor covering.

To clean the floor, you can add a little detergent into the water, which includes chlorine, to make additional disinfection. Particular attention should be paid to ventilation and drying of the room in order to lower the humidity level in the bathroom. For example, woodcock can not survive in dry rooms with high air temperature.

Moistice in the ventilation system

Do not forget that through the ventilation shaft, different insects enter the room, so to protect against the intrusion of unexpected "guests", you should use a special metal mesh. In order not to create high humidity in the room, during the adoption of water procedures it is necessary to use an exhaust fan and after taking a shower or a bath dryly wipe the walls and floors in the bathroom.

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