Imitation of brickwork with their own hands

One of the fashion trends in the decoration of premises is a brick wall. Well, those who have a brick house. They all just need to repel the plaster and slightly "podshamanit" what is available. And what should the rest do? There are wallpaper and tiles "under the brick," but not all of them are plausible, and the good ones are almost like a natural brick wall. The best option in this case is a self-made imitation brick for interior decoration. And "brick-tiles" can be done separately, or it is possible - to make the whole wall in one run. 

How to make a brick wall simulation: a short list of ways

The easiest way is if you have brickwork hidden under the plaster. Break the plaster, clean the seams, ground and paint. It turns out a natural brick wall. And it will look quite old and vintage. Those who are less fortunate will have to imitate this brickwork. The good news is that there are many ways, inexpensive materials are available, it is possible to make a "brick wall" on concrete, plasterboard, plywood ... any more or less durable surface. Time, by the way, most of the techniques take up a little. So, here's how you can make an imitation brick for interior decoration: