Black tile in the bathroom

Black tile in the bathroom

An ideal bathroom is traditionally considered a place for purification and relaxation, so every owner tries to perfect it flawlessly. Hence the high requirements for materials - they must combine beauty, practicality and safety. Many owners in the design of "wet" zones want to get away from the ordinary, the template solutions and give space to their imagination. Tired of a somewhat monotonous pastel scale, they go to a bold step and choose a black tile.

Black bathroom with white

Black tile in the bathroom

Black Bathroom

Features of black color

Black color is considered a symbol of uncertainty and mystery, speaks of calmness and silence. He rarely causes any emotions, but in large numbers can suppress the psyche. Despite this, many choose it for their bathroom, because it continues to be universal, has not gone out of fashion for many years. If you still decided to use dark tiles in your interior, you need to thoroughly think over its design.

Dark tiles in the interior

Interior design rules

The first thing you should pay attention to when decorating space is size. Everyone knows that black minimizes the values ​​of the surrounding spectrum, so a large area for it is the best option. But even in spacious rooms you need a contrast so that you do not get a sense of gloom.

Given this, in a small bathroom the main task is not to abuse this color, with its help you can draw only one wall or floor.

Also, remember that dark tones absorb more light than other shades, so the lighting should be bright enough. It is necessary to consider what kind of light devices and how many of them will be needed for this.

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design of the bathroom with black tiles

Tile Jade

Black tiles

Black Mosaic Tile

White and black tiles

Stylish black tiles

Color combination

The harmony of the interior of the premises is largely due to a properly selected palette. The dominant black color can be easily combined with any other color to create a vivid accent and attract attention.

Black color is effectively combined with white. Read more in our article about a black and white bathroom.

It should be borne in mind that white colors, as well as beige and cream colors, reflect the light perfectly, thereby perfectly balancing the darkness of the elements. An ideal companion will be a combination with shades of natural wood.

If the black ceramic for the bathroom seems too dull for you, choose the products with a color pattern, an effect of scuffing, or other shades of this color.

Combination of black with yellow

Color pattern on the tile

The combination of black tiles with beige

Remember about harmony. Calling will be excessive overlap with red or purple, aggressive - in a combination of bright, saturated colors, dark - diluted with blue, ordinary and boring - in tune with gray shades.

Black and red bath

Tile manufacturers

In achieving the ideal interior of the bathroom, the owners want the materials to conform to modern design and have a high quality of operation. Therefore, the primary importance should be given to the manufacturer of facing coatings.

The highest quality elite tiles are produced in Spain, the collections of which are presented in a large assortment. Italians, just do not miss their chance to remain the leader in the sales market.

Recently, Polish factories have significantly improved the quality of their products.

They are followed by the producers of Russia, Belarus, Czechia whose materials may well compete with foreign counterparts. Therefore, you should evaluate your capabilities and make the right choice of tiles.

Italian black tiles

Polish black tiles

Collection of Tokyo

Styling Options

Thanks to the original techniques, the color combination can turn into a supreme chic. The meaning is the surface pattern, its texture and structure. When laying black and white items, for narrow spaces, you can use a white background as a base. The dark tile laid out on it with horizontal strips will significantly increase the width of the space, and the vertical lines of black will create the illusion of a high ceiling.

A simpler and classic option is a light top, a dark bottom, or a division of the surface into larger areas of the same shades. It is worth noting that due to the low contrast, the color scheme is calmer with a combination of black and cream ceramics, not white.

Tile black in a horizontal strip

Black and white floor

Classic version of black tiles

Tiles in staggered order - white and black

The option of laying black tiles

Beautiful black tiles

Another way of laying is to put it in the form of a "Christmas tree", alternating colors. In order to create a feeling of greater perspective in the bathroom, it is better to use a narrow tile, while a wider one will visually reduce the space.

It is possible to convert a compact room in the form of a "chessboard", it will be appropriate because of tile size and then only on one surface - floor or walls, but again, do not use such a scheme for all the walls of one room, to avoid variegation. Also, pay attention to the method, the so-called brickwork.

Checkerboard design

Modular version of tiles

Modular drawing

Facing material of different color and size can be put in a modular way, which eventually gives a concrete pattern that repeats itself after a certain distance.

Considering all the variations in the styling, the black ceramics ceases to symbolize isolation and negativity. A quality material and competently placed emphasis, give her another chance to be used in your interior.

Also think about what kind of tile - matte or glossy you want to see in the bathroom. Glossy tiles are generally popular with those who follow fashionable novelties and are adherents of exquisite style. But the black glossy tile finds its application in a simple interior. Interesting can be a combination of gloss with opacity.

Tips for laying

The texture of black tiles is quite diverse, manufacturers use marble, granite, natural stone, but still the ceramic products are in great demand.

When preparing for wet rooms, it is necessary to carefully prepare and level the surfaces.

Tiles with different texture

Tile for brick

The texture of black tiles

Panel in the bathroom

Grouting of black tiles

Stylish black tiles

In the process of laying finishing materials, you should pay attention to some of the nuances:

  1. The state of joints and seams, which must be cleansed in time from residues of glue. For tiles of dark tones, it is recommended to use a contrasting grout, eliminating the background from oversaturation with color.
  2. Surplus of grouting is better to remove immediately after the completion of work - in a week, it will not be easy to clean the surface, and the more pronounced the texture of the tile, the more effort will be required to do so.
  3. Compensate blackness will help contrasting inserts and borders, tile panels, products with colored ornaments and even mirrors, but the decor should be used in a limited way. Thus, everything should be in harmony with each other, even the most refined ceramics can lose its attractiveness.
  4. Also, the visible border between the walls and the floor brings order to the interior. This can be achieved by changing the styling pattern. In conclusion, it remains only to determine the accessories that will harmoniously complement your bathroom in a strict black style.

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