Ways to decorate the bathroom with tiles

Ways to decorate the bathroom with tiles

To reliably protect the walls in the bathroom from moisture, it is necessary to impose a protective coating on them, which will be high-quality and aesthetic. A very popular and popular option is ceramic tiles.

A wide range of tiles from tiles is simply amazing, so it's difficult to make your choice.

What to consider when choosing

When choosing a tile, be sure to consider the following details:

  1. Consider the size of the tiles depending on the area of ​​the bathroom.
  2. Stop by choosing a collection of tiles, where there will be floor and wall tiles.
  3. Buy the necessary amount of material or order it, if the chosen option is not available. We recommend ordering a single tile, because even the tiles of one series can sometimes differ slightly from each other.
  4. Select bathroom fixtures, while its color should differ from the color of the tile and advantageously emphasize it.

Because all the bathrooms are diverse and in size, shape, and ceramic tile also has a wide range of variations.

The choice of the size of the ceramic tile depends entirely on the area of ​​the bathroom. For example, a large space allows you to combine different tiles with marble columns, and you can also use mosaic tiles with some pattern in the interior, or create a unique pattern.

Ceramic tiles are produced in various sizes, which allows you to choose the right tile to ensure harmony in the bathroom.

It is worth considering the size of the space, because for a small room does not fit a large tile.

Also, the width of the wall plays a huge role, so that the tile covered it all, and did not have to make a cut edge, because it would break the composition of aesthetics. Very nice look even rows of ceramic tiles, if they include about 6 tiles horizontally and vertically. That's why choosing a tile size is a very crucial moment.

tile with a pattern

White-green tile in the bathroom with horizontal ornament

small tiles

Often the bathroom has standard dimensions, where the tiles fit within 1.5x1.3 meters, if the space is even smaller, then only small tiles are suitable. The optimal option is a tile 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm, 30x15 cm or 30x20 cm.

Bathrooms in new modern homes are usually large enough. The bathtub can also be combined with a bathroom, which will significantly increase its size. Therefore, in such cases, it will be more appropriate to use large tiles.

Also worth taking note of a very important indicator of tile - it's porosity. If this parameter is high, then the quality of the product will be worse.

Always carefully study the marking of the tile and its type before purchasing it.

small light tiles in the bathroom

In the tile, you can easily make special holes and hang a shelf or mirror.

Read more in our article on how to drill a tile.

The main requirement for the tile in the bathroom is its moisture resistance and strength.

large tiles in the bathroom

Choice of ceramic tiles

After evaluating the tiles, depending on the main characteristics, you can proceed to the selection of its color shades and textures, relying on your own taste.

Bathroom should be harmonious. The best option would be to use a tile for the bathroom from one manufacturer and one collection. Also, companies for the production of ceramic tiles offer a wide range of color scales, which are combined into a single composition.

tile with patterns

Therefore, the choice of color will not be difficult. That the interior looked more organically, it is necessary to consider also color of sanitary technicians. Everything should be done in one style and combined with each other. After all, the range of sanitary ware is also very large, so rely on your own taste.

Factors to Consider

You can buy a tile in any construction shop where you will be told about all its main characteristics.

There are several factors that affect the price of ceramic tiles:

  • country-producer of tiles;
  • brand popularity;
  • material and dimensions of the tile;
  • decorative insets, mosaic.

Also, you should take a summary of several points:

  • tile in the bathroom will delight your eyes for many years.
  • Identify the design of the room; it will not be superfluous to consult with a specialist in order to better equip the bathroom and make it cozy and functional.
  • Calculate the amount of tiles for the bathroom so you do not have to buy it.

designer bathroom renovation

bathroom decoration option

Green Bathroom Tile

Ceramic tiles have a high rate of rigidity in all parameters. So, the facing tile is very strong and even superior in its characteristics to cement.

Tile is perfect for a bathroom, which is characterized by a high level of moisture, because when exposed to water it does not change color or texture. It also does not respond to chemical agents. And getting direct sunlight has no effect.

The tile manufacturer takes into account the conditions under which it will be used. For example, the floor in the bathroom should be roughened, so as not to fall. Tiles for walls and floors have good protection from the effects of chemicals that are present in detergents.

Floor tiles are characterized by a greater thickness. After all, the load on the floor is much greater than on the walls. Tiles for walls, on the contrary, are used in smaller sizes, so that it is better fixed and served for years. And for strength, the floor tile has more dimensions of the tile area.

Tile, similar to porcelain, for a bath

quality tiles in the bathroom

tiles on the walls

When buying a tile, you should pay special attention to the material. The most popular is a special mixture that resembles that of porcelain. This material makes the tile wear-resistant, and also makes it resistant to moisture.

Also do not forget about slipping. To prevent it, the surface of the tile is additionally processed. Texture gives the tile a floor for relief and can decorate the picture, if any.

Textured tiles on the floor for a bath

In appearance you can determine the quality of the tiles. It should have the same clear dimensions, right angles and a flat surface. An additional advantage is the corrugation on the back side. After all, it contributes to the fact that ceramic tiles are better and faster connected to the floor.

Ceramic tiles will always be in vogue. A unique design using a mosaic will always be in a trend.

tile stylish design

Beautiful bathroom tiles

beautiful tiles

The choice of tile color and zoning

Usually, buyers choose white plumbing, because it perfectly fits into any color range of tile. Although you can show more imagination and create an original combination of different colors:

  • blue with pink,
  • green with red,
  • blue with orange.

The most beneficial are pastel colors. With bright saturated colors, you should behave very carefully, because they can only be used to arrange accents, in addition to the basic light colors. If you make the entire bathroom room in a saturated color, then you will feel uncomfortable.

Designers often use a combination of tiles for the bathroom, which allows you to split the entire space into several zones.

There are several ways of zoning:

  • Ceramic tile acts as the main background, and inserts help in decorating the floor and walls. Here you can use different colors and sizes of tiles.
  • Mosaic allows you to place the main accents in the interior. It can be made of different materials: ceramic, glass or natural stone.

Inserts in the tile in the bathroom

tile unusual combination of colors

Mosaic in the bathroom

  • Combined method of laying tiles, which combines different directions. For example, horizontal and vertical laying, rhombuses and brickwork.

Zoning of walls - different colors in the bathroom


Zoning of the bathroom

Zoning space in the bathroom has many pluses. Let's name some of them:

  • the opportunity to decorate the interior with visual effects;
  • the ability to make the design more interesting and functional;
  • significant savings in money for repairs (in the case of combining bathroom and toilet).

Varieties of ceramic tiles

All ceramic tiles are divided into floor and wall. The difference lies in the fact that the tile for the floor has additional qualities that guarantee a long period of its operation. It is particularly strong, more durable and can withstand enormous loads.

Therefore, for flooring, you should only use floor tiles, because this is its purpose. It is possible to use it for the wall, but it will cost you much more. So for facing walls, get only a wall tile.

floor and wall tiles

In turn, wall tiles are characterized by lower density and hardness compared to floor tiles. This allows you to quickly cut the tiles during the installation, if there is such a need. This will greatly simplify the process of laying the tiles.

Bright wall tiles in bathroom

Ways to design

Bathroom decoration tiles has many ways:

  • the original placement of color inserts;
  • borders and decors in one color scheme;
  • A variety in the methods of applying ceramic tiles.

Therefore it is very difficult to find identical bathrooms: at least a small detail, but it will differ.

laying tiles

Among the classic ways that are used for laying tiles in the bathroom, it should be noted:

  • base Is the simplest and most popular way. Its essence lies in the fact that the tile is stacked one under one simple parallel rows. This method is very economical, because there are a minimum of moves;

The basic way to decorate the bathroom with tiles

  • diagonal Is the most complicated way of laying. With its help you can visually expand the room, hide the shortcomings of uneven walls, create a unique pattern. The disadvantages include the fact that for the installation should be done a lot of moves, and each plate should have the same size, no errors are allowed;

diagonal packing

  • staggered - is a two-color combination, which is laid down in a basic way or diagonal. Color shades can be varied, rely entirely on your taste;

Chess decoration with bath tiles

  • inanimate - simple enough and quick styling. Excellent for tiles with errors in size, because it completely conceals this flaw. The tile arrangement resembles a brick laying: each successive row is shifted by half of the previous one.

Bathroom decoration with tiles

A wide variety of tiles has an effect on the fact that there are several ways of laying it.

Classics is considered styling with seams.

To create the effect of continuity, a seamless laying is used, which is characterized by speed and economy. If you are interested in a geometric pattern, then tiles of different sizes will help.

patterned packing

3D tile and its installation

Today, consumers are increasingly choosing ceramic tiles in 3D format to decorate a voluminous and colorful interior. This type of tile allows you to create very dynamic pictures. On the ceiling you can create your own cloudy sky, use a tile on the floor that imitates a natural stone or wood, and on the walls you can create a colorful order of the sun. All this became a reality with 3D tiles.

More and more people want to create a unique interior in their bathroom with the help of modern technologies, because traditional ceramic tiles can no longer fully satisfy their requirements.

3D tiles in the bathroom

Tiles in 3D format have the same fine parameters as tiled, but only in the aesthetic sense pushes it to the background.

Tiles with the effect of 3D graphics combines, in addition to tiles, also carbon fiber. It is this film that produces a 3D image effect.

3D tiles

3D tile has many advantages:

  • durability, because the service life is about 30 years;
  • hygienic - it does not form a fungus, and microbes are not retained;
  • good resistance to heavy loads: can withstand weight of 200 kg per 1 square. m;
  • high resistance to chemical agents;
  • Its surface is anti-slip, which plays a huge role for floor tiles;
  • perfectly performs waterproofing.

But in addition to all the above advantages, tiles in 3D format also have minor drawbacks:

  • use is possible only in the premises, it is strictly prohibited to use it in open spaces;
  • Do not cut the tile, because it is not intended for mechanical interventions.

3D tiles in the bathroom

When choosing a 3D tile, consider that it must perform all the functions of ceramic tiles:

  • To decorate the bathroom decor;
  • to emphasize the advantages of the interior and hide the errors in it.

Very interesting is the combination of 3D tiles and 3D floors.

3 d floors in bathroom

In small bathrooms, try Do not use bright colors, because they visually reduce the room even further.

Do not use a lot of accessories, because it also badly affect the small space of the bathroom. And in large rooms, you can safely experiment with color, and with decorative accessories.

bulk tile

Mounting of 3D tiles

You will need tiles, smooth and clean walls, glue with silicone or double-sided scotch.

Before starting the installation, you should finish all the work on setting the highlights, for which do not forget to purchase the guides. Then the fixing of the tiles will be carried out on the guides themselves. There must be a gap between the tiles so that the pattern is even.

If you do not use additional lighting, then tiling is done directly on the walls, the gaps should also be made. Then they should be cleaned with a transparent sealant.

Tile installation


Before making a purchase, you need to calculate the required amount of material. First you need to measure the total area of ​​the cladding. Make a calculation of how many tiles you need to purchase for 1 square. meter. Remember that the tile needs a pruning, and do not divide it, but count it as a whole unit.

Just buy the right amount of tiles, since each batch can have a slightly different shade. And it will be very difficult to buy. Also the purchase by parts is usually much more expensive.

Original textured tiles of the same color

Decorating the walls and the floor in the bathroom, using a ceramic tile, will allow you to get a wonderful result and create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A huge range of colors and size will help you to realize any design ideas.

Interesting design of the bathroom with tiles

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