Dimensions of sinks and washbasins

Dimensions of sinks and washbasins

In the choice of washbasins, buyers take into account their appearance, the shape of the product and the way it is fastened, as well as the material from which the sink is made. An important criterion of choice is the size of a suitable model. What sizes of washbasins should attention be paid to and what are the models of a certain size?

Dimensions of overhead round washbasins for the bathroom

Important dimensions

As for the washstand itself, and for the pedestal under it or other elements, first of all look at such basic parameters as width, depth, and height. The records are written in abbreviated form. For example, you can see the designation "washbasins in the size 550x480x150 mm." Hence, these washstands have a width of 550 mm, depth (distance to the wall) - 480 mm, and height (depth of the bowl) - 150 mm.

Bathroom Sink Washbasin Dimensions

If you are looking for, say, a washstand with a pedestal, specify the dimensions of not only the washbasin itself, but also the stand. In this case, the parameters are recorded as height-length-width. For example, the manufacturer or the store offers pedestals for porcelain washbasins in the size 640х215х200. This means that the height of the pedestal will be 640 mm, and the length and width, respectively, of 215 and 200 mm.

Location of the washbasin in the bathroom with respect to the floor - drawing and calculations


This is the main parameter of the shells, on the basis of which a suitable product is chosen in the stores. The width of the shells is quite a wide range - from 35 to 100 cm and more. If you buy a corner washbasin, this parameter indicates one of the sides of the product, located along the wall. The optimal width is called 55-65 cm.

With small room sizes, many sacrifice the width of the sink, but products that have this parameter less than 50 cm are not very convenient to use. Very often the spray from such a washbasin falls outside the washing range. Models with a width of over 65 cm are mainly bought for a spacious bathroom.

The popular width of a rectangular washbasin for a bathroom

Bathroom Sink Washbasin Dimensions


This parameter often indicates the depth of the bowl of the product. Normal indicators of the height of the shells are 13.5-15 cm. The deeper the bowl of the sink, the less spray it will fall outside.

Dimensions of washbasins for the bathroom - deep washbasin made of natural stone

As for the height of the washbasin (and this parameter is also important when choosing models with a cabinet), you should choose the product taking into account the growth of household members.

The optimal height for men in which a washbasin in a bathtub should be located is 94 to 110 cm. For women, this parameter will be slightly smaller, from 81 to 92 cm. Models with an average value are most in demand, from floor to top of the sink measure 86-93 cm.

Location of the washbasin in the bathroom with respect to the floor - drawing and calculations


This parameter shows the distance from the edge of the shell to the wall. For comfortable washing, the depth of the shell should be within 48-61 cm. Check whether the depth of the product is suitable for you, without a tape measure. Just stand close to the washbasin and extend your arm over it. If the rear wall of the model ends at the level of your fingertips or the middle of the palm, you can safely purchase such a product.

How to properly measure the depth of the washbasin in the bathroom

Popular sizes

Since the main parameter of choosing a suitable washbasin is the breadth of the product, we will consider the features of the shell models precisely taking into account their width.

40 centimeters

The use of a sink with such a small width is limited mainly to washing hands and satisfying technical needs. Therefore, such a washbasin is often bought in the toilet or a tiny bathroom. Often this is a corner model, but there are also oval and round wall variants. They can be suspended with a free space at the bottom or supplemented with a small cabinet for storing household chemicals and accessories.

Pendant white washbasin 40cm wide for a small bathroom or a bathroom

Outboard corner white washbasin 40cm wide in the bath room

White washbasin with a width of 40cm with a curbstone

50 centimeters

The purchase of such an ergonomic and oversized sink helps to save space, so most often it is purchased with a limited size of the bathroom. Washbasin width of 50 cm is often selected for the interior in the style of minimalism. Shells for it can be presented as pendant, built-in, overhead, angled and other models.

Overhead Bronze Washbasin 50cm wide

Overhead washbasin of white color of non-standard form 50cm wide

55 centimeters

A sink with this width is one of the most convenient for use. It is not too oversized, so it will fit perfectly into a miniature bathroom. Choosing a built-in model or corner washbasin, you will additionally save square centimeters. Also very demanded products with a curbstone, in which you can hide pipes and store cleaning products.

Round washbasin with gold patterns outside the bowl width 55cm

60 cm

This width is considered the best for the washbasin, since the product will be very convenient to use. Shells with a width of 60 cm are presented in a wide variety and shape of the bowl, and design. A product with such dimensions is often chosen in tandem with a curbstone, but in recent years the most popular models have become hanging models.

Overhead washbasin in the form of a flower of metallic color 60cm wide for the bathroom

Washbasin rectangular shape white in width 60cm in the bathroom

65 centimeters

Models with this width are considered very convenient for washing. Pleases that they are presented in a wide range. You can choose a hanging model with a width of 65 cm, an outdoor washbasin with a curbstone or a product that will help to equip the corner of the room. Design ideas for shells of this size are particularly diverse, so you can easily pick up the product for any interior.

White washbasin width 65cm

Oval shaped washbasin with flower pattern 65cm wide

Overhead large round washbasin in white color 65cm wide for bathroom

70-75 cm

A washbasin with these parameters is not suitable for small bathrooms. Install them in a standard bathroom is meaningless, since the usability is commensurate with models with a smaller width (55-65 cm), and valuable centimeters of space will be occupied. If you belong to the owners of a fairly spacious bathroom, do not miss the opportunity to buy a washbasin with a width of 70 cm or 75 cm. Moreover, such products are very loved by designers for the possibility of realizing creative ideas.

Ceramic washbasin width 70cm for the bathroom

Overhead rectangular washbasin made of natural wood 75cm wide in the bathroom

80-90 cm and more

Such wide washbasins usually buy a large area for a bathroom. In this case, often select an effective model that can turn into a bright accent or "highlight" of the room.

Washbasin made of white acrylic with a width of 85cm

Washbasin made of natural stone, 90cm wide

Mounted acrylic wash basin of 80cm width

If desired, one large washbasin can be replaced with a double sink. It is important that from the center of one wash to the center of the other was a minimum of 90 cm, otherwise using both sinks simultaneously will be inconvenient and difficult.

A hanging cabinet with two ceramic shells in the shape of a flower 60 cm wide

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