Suspended bathroom sink – modern solution

Suspended bathroom sink - modern solution

The need to use the bathroom every day, including the sink, made it necessary to have a comfortable and functional washbasin. This, in turn, forced designers and manufacturers to come up with new models of washbasins.

Today in the plumbing market you can find shells of three main types:

  • Suspended shells. Otherwise they are called console-shells. They are mounted on the wall and are in a suspended state.
  • Sinks with stand or pedestal. Another name is the sink-tulip.
  • Built-in or embedded sinks. Are installed on furniture.

Suspended glass sink in the bathroom

Suspended washbasin in the bathroom


Suspended shells are not a novelty even for the Soviet interior. Such easily installed washbasins were almost everywhere. However, they were not entirely aesthetically pleasing, as the pipes and sink were visible, and the sink itself was uncomplicated. Today their appearance, forms and their methods of installation have become much better. Today's pendent washbasins have these features:

  • Compact form.
  • Easy to install.
  • Accurate and presentable appearance.
  • A minimalist approach to style.

Suspended washbasin for bathroom


  • Installation of suspended sinks is easy and quick.
  • They can be placed almost in any part of the bathroom.
  • There are no barriers to selection not only for the interior (by color, material and shape with texture), but also to the room itself (by size, installation method, number of holes, etc.).
  • The forms of almost all modern pendent washbasins are compact. They do not cover a lot of space and are ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Under the shells there is an empty space, which can be occupied by different items: a laundry basket, a low shelf, etc.
  • Do not look outward communications, which makes the shells presentable and aesthetic.

Suspended corner sink


The only drawback that there are in the hanging shells is due to the fact that their installation requires the presence of a solid concrete wall, since they are attached to the wall and a weak partition or the plasterboard is not suitable for their installation.


Suspended washbasins are divided into five main types. A common characteristic of all types is that they are all mounted on the wall, and their differences are discussed below.

  • Classic pendant washbasin. It is an ordinary shell, attached to the wall.
  • Suspended washbasin with additional functions. Here, the sink serves not only as a washstand, but also a place where you can put soap, cosmetics and other toiletries. At the same time, the washbasin is attached, as well as other suspended washbasins to the wall without other structures and elements.
  • Washbasin with a semi pedestal or with a curbstone. A pedestal or a curbstone are attached to the wall at the same time as the cup. They can serve as an additional surface for placing things. In addition, the semi-pedestal and curbstone hide the sink and pipes and store things inside.
  • Overhead washbasin. It is applied to suspended furniture or a stand.
  • Built-in hanging washbasin. Here pendant furniture is required, because the bowl is built in it and creates a single working space. Furniture hides pipes and sinks, and at the same time serves for the maintenance of different bath and toilet accessories.

Thus, today in the market of suspended sinks you can buy a huge number of shells of different shapes, colors, sizes and ways of fastening. Well, and if you did not find a suitable option for your bathroom, a shell can be ordered. Then your bathroom will not only be comfortable, functional, stylish, but also exclusive with unique elements of its kind.

Suspended sink with cupboard

Suspended sink

Forms and sizes

Currently pendant washbasins are made in the following forms:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • square;
  • asymmetric;
  • double;
  • angular.

Suspended washbasin in mirror bathroom

In addition, the sinks can be manufactured with a table top or with a bedside table.

Sink with countertop

Sink with countertop in the bathroom

The most popular among them are washbasins with rectangular and oval shapes. Rectangular washbasins are suitable mainly for spacious bathrooms. They are very comfortable to wash, first of all, for the reason that when washing, water does not splash around and water procedures will pass without damage to clothes and furniture around. Suspended shells with rounded outlines are the most ergonomic device of this kind for a bathroom.

Suspended sink

Suspended shells are mainly produced in standard sizes. And buyers buy them in accordance with the size of their bathrooms.

Shells of different widths have their purpose:

  • 55-centimeter shell is considered the most running, because they are comfortable to wash.
  • A 50-centimeter sink is considered non-standard and suitable for small and small bathrooms. For example, such washbasins can be found in hotels.


The material for hanging shells is:

  • all kinds of sanitary ware;
  • acrylic stone;
  • glass;
  • steel;
  • artificial stones;
  • cast iron;
  • marble.

In the market of suspended sinks there are often combined variants. For example, the bowl is made of glass, and the console is made of ceramics. Glass washbasins look stylish and beautiful, give the room lightness and transparency. Such shells will leave few people indifferent.


The most demanded are the sinks from sanitary faience. Most sanitary items are made of this material. All ceramic products from the outside are covered with glazed enamel, which protects them from damage and extends their useful life. In addition, it smooths the porous surface of the material and thus does not allow it to quickly become contaminated.

Faience Pendant Sink

Faience Pendant Sink


In addition to kitchens, they can also be used in bathrooms. For them, special models of washbasins made of steel are made. Steel shells are well suited to the style of hi-tech. They help to create a strict and ascetic situation. One of the drawbacks of steel shells is the sound of running water on a metal surface. There are designs of washbasins made of steel, complete with a suspended shelf or glass top.

Steel hanging sink


Due to their unusual appearance they are very popular nowadays. Make the interior quite beautiful and stylish. Glasses from which the bowls are made for washing, undergo a special procedure of hardening, in view of which one should not be afraid that it can break. A disadvantage of glass washbasins is the need for accurate, thorough and regular care, since glass is subject to divorce and quickly loses its luster.

Glass hanging sink

Glass hanging sink


This is another classic material from which to make shells. It is characterized by durability and reliability. Relatively noiseless and inexpensive. The drawback is that the cast iron is too heavy. The surface of some cast-iron shells is covered with acrylic. This extends the life of the shells and simplifies the cleaning of the shells.

Cast Iron Suspended Sink


Are not cheap, but they have remarkable performance characteristics. For the manufacture of such shells, marble chips are used, but custom models are cut to order from solid stones. Such shells are very strong, shock-resistant and, what's more important, water falls on them almost without sound. The only drawback is the very high prices for marble products.

Marble hanging sink

Marble hanging sink

Marble hanging sink

Made of artificial stone or composite

Artificial stone is an alternative to marble. Has the same qualities as marble, but is more affordable in value.

Advantages are:

  • shock resistance;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • aesthetics;
  • low cost compared to marble.

The disadvantages are: the high price compared to other materials and the weight of the product.

sink made of artificial stone

Of acrylic

Plumbing of this material is very in demand today. Has many positive qualities, which made the plumbing of acrylic quite well known:

  • Smooth surface. Absence of pores makes the care simple and easy.
  • Durable, but not heavy.
  • Does not make much noise.
  • Acrylic, in case of damage, is subject to restoration.
  • Abundance offers different models of acrylic shells.

Acrylic sink

Acrylic sink in the bathroom

Mounting Options

There are two ways of fixing the hanging shell:

  1. Mounting the sink on the wall is the easiest way. Mounting is carried out with the help of holding brackets, with additional wall construction and mortgages are not required. Cranes and valves are installed in the washbasin, and pipes and sinks will be visible.
  2. The second option requires careful preliminary preparation, for example, in cosmetic repairs. The section of the wall for the sink is pre-equipped with special gypsum conduits for pipes, the water supply is carefully executed.

Mounting the hanging sink on the wall

Concealed fixing of hanging sink to the wall

Features of choice

The choice of a hanging shell depends on many nuances:

  1. It is necessary to take into account the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is small, the ideal option is a corner sink. If the dimensions of the room allow, you can choose a sink with a curbstone, which will create an additional storage space for things.
  2. Pay attention to the quality and strength of the wall on which you are going to install the sink. The heavier the material from which the shell is made, the stronger and more reliable the wall should be.
  3. Material, quality and price of the product.
  4. Mounting method and related products for installation (mixers, pipes, screws, brackets, etc.)

Suspended washbasin in the bathroom

Manufacturers and prices

The most popular brands of hanging shells are:

  • Cersanit;
  • Villeroy Boch;
  • Jacob Delafon;
  • Kolo;
  • ORAS;
  • Duravit;
  • Roca.

Villeroy & Boch glass suspended sink

Suspended washbasin in the bathroom

hanging sink Villeroy & Boch

Prices for hanging shells vary depending on the material from which they are made, the dimensions and design of the product. Today, in the sanitary ware market, a high-quality pendant can be bought within 5 500 - 200 000 rubles.

The list of materials, ordered depending on the price of the material, is as follows (the list is presented from more expensive to less expensive):

  • Marble;
  • Fake diamond;
  • Glass.
  • Ceramics;
  • Metal.

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